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What Does Metal 3D Print Media Look Like?

By Emmy Wolfe on October 9, 2018

As children, we were fascinated with Play-Doh. Excited by the idea of turning a simple cylinder block of soft dough into a monster, pizza, village or whatever else our minds could come up with! Lucky for us, we don’t have to completely grow out of this thanks to 3D printing. And with Desktop Metal 3D printers our designs and ideas are much more permanent. Read on to discover what metal 3D printing is bringing to the table.

Bound Metal Deposition 

With the Desktop Metal Studio printer, the procedure begins with a rod that is a combination of metal powder, a wax binder and a polymer binder. The printer uses a process called Bound Metal Deposition, which means it prints the parts layer-by-layer. Watch our video below to discover how a small rod moves through the machine and forms your design.

Media Cartridges 

There are currently two different media cartridges available, metal and ceramic interface. One of the biggest highlights for Desktop Metal’s material is the fact that these cartridges are safe-to-handle, hot-swappable. They have enough media for multiple prints, but if you find yourself almost running out, they can be replaced, even mid print! Watch the video below to learn more features.

Replacing the media can be quite the hassle for some printers, taking hours or days, but that’s not the case with the Studio System! The media can be swapped out in a matter of minutes. There are only four parts that need to be changed, the cartridges, flipper tray, print head and brush. All of this helps cuts down on cross-contamination. Find out how to switch it out in the video below.

Want to jump into the world of metal 3D printing? Discover more information about our Desktop Metal printers now! 

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