How Do I 3D Print from SOLIDWORKS

    February 12, 2021

    As 3D printing becomes more common in the workplace, users are turning to SOLIDWORKS to better understand their designs in the context of 3D printing. SOLIDWORKS offers several 3D printing visualization and analysis tools and all of them can be accessed through the Print3D tool (File > Print3D). Let's take a look!

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    Change How You View Your Feature Tree in SOLIDWORKS

    January 29, 2021

    The Feature Tree in SOLIDWORKS is where we organize our model. It helps us extract information, show dependencies, filter what is shown on screen and more. Let’s look at how we can best leverage our Feature Tree in both parts and assemblies to make ourselves more productive. In this blog, I will break it down into three core functions and see how they are effective in Parts and Assemblies.

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    Top-Down Assembly Modeling

    January 15, 2021

    SOLIDWORKS is easy to use. That’s not really a hot take, it’s pretty much an agreed-upon fact. Among other reasons, that is due to the flexibility that is inherent in the design process. SOLIDWORKS enables you to work how you want. A true power user knows all the different ways to do things and picks the best way to get the job done. In this week’s Video Tech Tip, we’re going to showcase one of the two methods for creating assemblies - top-down assembly modeling. This is a favorite among many designers. Let’s see why!

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    How to Make a 3D Snowflake in SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD

    December 17, 2020

    So, you want to get better with SOLIDWORKS? There’s no better way than getting hands-on time with the tool. In this week’s video tech tip, we share with you an example of creating a part that leverages many time savings tools and techniques you need to know if you want to elevate your SOLIDWORKS designs. Since we are heading into winter, we'll use a snowflake for example. Check out this week’s Video Tech tip on creating a 3D snowflake in SOLIDWORKS.

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    Options Search in SOLIDWORKS

    December 10, 2020

    In this week’s video tech tip, let’s look to one of our favorite tips for anyone new to SOLIDWORKS – the options search. With this feature you can search through the system options for SOLIDWORKS as well as the document properties. This will save you a lot of time that you would normally spend digging through the list of countless options or document properties. It's a must know for any novice or even power user. 

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    Create a New Probing Operation with SOLIDWORKS CAM

    December 3, 2020

    The design process includes many steps to bring an idea from imagination to reality. The last step along this journey is the manufacturing process. This is where the “rubber” meets the road. In this case though, it's the metal being shaped by the machines. For some parts, the features can be critical with tight tolerances. To better achieve these high levels of precision, SOLIDWORKS CAM 2020 introduced the probe tool. In this week’s Video Tech Tip, we show you how to leverage this tool for your machining operations.

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    Automatically Generate Tool Paths With Tab Cutting In SOLIDWORKS CAM

    November 19, 2020

    You have the model, now it’s time to make it a reality. To go from design to the physical part you’ll need to machine the components. An easy way to do this is to leverage the power of SOLIDWORKS CAM, the integrated Computer-Aided Machining tool for SOLIDWORKS. Because it’s integrated with SOLIDWORKS, it’s easy to go from model to machining and any changes to the model are instantly reflected in the CAM process.

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    How to Insert a Part Into a Part with SOLIDWORKS

    November 12, 2020

    How to insert a part into a part. That might seem like something from the movie Inception, but I assure you it’s not. It’s a modeling technique that is extremely useful, especially for using Master Modeling techniques. In this week’s Video Tech Tip, we walk you through how to use this feature. Here’s how to insert a part into a part in SOLIDWORKS.

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    Advanced Multibody Modeling in SOLIDWORKS

    September 17, 2020

    Multibody part modeling is a foundation skill needed to create advanced models. In this week's Video Tech Tip, we’re going to show you some more advanced multibody modeling techniques in SOLIDWORKS.