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Introduction to solidThinking Inspire

By Brian Metzger on January 9, 2018

Do you find yourself needing a solution that allows you to test the structural efficiency of your design? solidThinking Inspire might be your answer. Not only does it have the ability to test the design's support for the required loads, it also enhances the process by generating a new optimal material layout. In this Video Tech Tip, we will explore how solidThinking Inspire cuts out the long process of essentially guess and check.  

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One of the biggest challenges in mechanical design is creating a model that is as light as possible but keeping the strength to hold up the expected load. Instead of creating a design and testing it by a real world prototype or computer simulation and having to repeat as many times as needed, solidThinking Inspire allows you to start with the original design and then lets the computer calculate the best shape for the best strength to weight ratio. Three key parts within solidThinking Inspire are optimization, design space and load cases. 


Optimization generates a shape for each design space in a model in response to the loads on that model. It carves material away from design spaces, creating the lightest shape possible to withstand the forces that you apply.

Design Space

A design space is the part where material is removed until the final, lightest weight shape is formed during optimization. You can create a design space using the modeling tools in Inspire or you have the ability to import parts.

Load Cases

Loads apply forces to your model. You have the ability to build up a number of forces, creating multiple load cases.This ultimately is what cuts back on the guess and check process, saving time and material.

solidThinking Inspire is easy to learn and is compatible with existing CAD software to help design structural parts correctly, the first time. This reduces costs, development time, use of materials and weight.

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