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Import Exploded Views and New Video Formats with SOLIDWORKS Composer 2020

By TriMech on May 28, 2020

Now that you have your CAD model, what’s next? You’ll probably need to create some content to go along with the design, like images, sales videos, work instructions or assembly manuals. The best tool for this job is SOLIDWORKS Composer. It’s been around for a long time and has a long history of being the go-to tool for creating content from CAD. It saw some changes in the latest release of SOLIDWORKS Composer 2020 that make it even better. Check out this week’s Video Tech Tip to see these latest enhancements to SOLIDWORKS Composer.


First, there are some new options when opening files. This is important because you don’t create CAD in Composer, you leverage your existing models. If your model came from SOLIDWORKS, you can leverage additional details to help you save time such as Bills of Materials (BOMs). Now, with Composer 2020, you import the exploded views and saved views from SOLIDWORKS. You can save time since you don’t have to recreate any work that’s already been done at the CAD level. This makes it easy to create explode animations or detail views showing how to assemble a part. The best thing is, if there’s ever any changes at the CAD level, it all updates at the click of a button!

After creating these assets in Composer, you’ll need to export them to other tools such as your website or Adobe tools such as Illustrator or inDesign. Now with Composer 2020, you can export the videos and animations as an MP4 which is the modern industry standard.

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