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By Stephen Petrock on April 2, 2020

In our last Video Tech Tip we walked you through the steps to set up your SOLIDWORKS online license. In this week's Video Tech Tip, we are going to show you all about the MySolidWorks Admin Portal and why you should be using it at your company. 

So, what is it? The Admin Portal was introduced in 2018, and it’s an online asset management system that allows SOLIDWORKS CAD administrators to easily add, remove and manage each team member's products and services. Beyond helping to manage and keep track of SOLIDWORKS assets, you can also use the Admin Portal to access the CAD admin dashboard where you can track your company’s hardware which has SOLIDWORKS installed. 

The Admin Portal is part of You’ll need to log in using your SOLIDWORKS ID; if you don’t already have one, you’ll have to create it first. Once you’re logged in, click on your name to access the drop-down menu and select the Admin Portal.

SW Admin Portal

Let's look at the four different options in your portal to help you manage your team.

SW Admin portal 2


Members is where you can manage your company’s employees. You can search for a member by their name or by using the filters to sort by licenses, for example. To add a member to your team, click on the Invite Member button and they will get an email invitation. Using the Admin Portal offers you a place to consolidate employee logins to, which is a great training resource. You can promote users to admins from here as well. Keep in mind that if you were the first person to log in to the account, you will have the option to become the administrator.


Products is where you can understand all of your company’s SOLIDWORKS licenses and assets. This replaces the traditional Excel spreadsheet we’ve seen in the past. Here you can assign licenses to users by just clicking on the license type and choosing an employee from a drop-down list. You have the option to download this list to Excel. When you click on a license you get access to detailed information such as which machine it’s installed on and here you can convert your standalone licenses to online licensing. This allows the assigned user the ability to use SOLIDWORKS on whatever device they want using their SOLIDWORKS login and password.


Services is where you can manage your company’s subscription services. This helps you understand which licenses are on or off subscription and tech support.

SW Admin portal 3

CAD Admin Dashboard

Lastly, you have the CAD admin dashboard. The admin dashboard is different from the other areas because this gives you visibility into the hardware SOLIDWORKS is installed on. You can set benchmarks to understand the performance of the machine and even get granular details of the hardware and drivers. You can even enforce policies like SOLIDWORKS settings and the use of templates. Through the admin dashboard, you can even look at stats for SOLIDWORKS sessions – this gives you visibility into how much a machine is using SOLIDWORKS.

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