How to Use the Move Face Command in SOLIDWORKS

By Stephen Petrock on July 23, 2020

Think about all the tools SOLIDWORKS has to offer. It’s a lot, right? There are hundreds of tools with many ways you can use them. Even as an expert SOLIDWORKS user, we only use a few dozen tools to get our jobs done. We stay in our SOLIDWORKS lane and focus on getting our designs done. In this week’s Video Tech Tip, we want to share with you a very underutilized tool. The Move face tool.


The Move face command in SOLIDWORKS allows the manipulation of geometry by faces. It is a perfect tool for working with imported geometries that do not bring in features that can be edited.

The tool has three settings: offset, translate and rotate.

Move face Tools in SOLIDWORKS

The Offset setting is used for changing the size of a selected face. This is great for making smaller or larger holes in your part.

Changing face size in SOLIDWORKS

The Translate setting is used for changing the face location. For example, if you move an end face of a cylinder out then the cylinder will increase in length due to the new end face placement.

changing face shape in SOLIDWORKS

The rotate setting is used for changing the face angle. This feature can help you manually add in drafts.

Changing face angle in SOLIDWORKS

The Move face tool can really help take your modeling to the next level. When I think about it, the move face command really is the MVP when it comes to working with imported geometry. This is the tool I use to quickly make edits directly to the model geometry.

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