Getting Started with Multibody Modeling in SOLIDWORKS

By Chang Lee on September 10, 2020

In this week's Video Tech Tip, I'm going to show you how to create a puzzle cube by using boss extrudes with Selection Contours, Combine and Intersect. You can create it exactly as I did or you can use the concepts from this and make your own design. 


First, I started off with a template for my puzzle. I created a 3x3 table from a sketch geometry on one of my three starting planes. From there, I copied and pasted the sketch to the other planes, so I ended up with three sketches.

Model for Puzzle Box


I created a few sections using a boss extrude, but since I only wanted a couple sections from a sketch, I used Selection Contour. With that, I could specify a region.

Boss Extrude option in SOLIDWORKS

I used Merge result to combine these extrudes together.

Merge option in SOLIDWORKSFor the ones I couldn't merge (due to other bodies touching), I chose to merge after completing the boss extrude with the Combine command.

Boss extrude in SOLIDWORKS

Next, I ran into issues with modeling bodies that from which I wanted to both subtract and add. To do this, I used the Intersection tool to create a list of multiple bodies. From that list, I selected which bodies to combine.

Intersection option in SOLIDWORKS

After I repeated these steps, I ended up with a nice cube puzzle.

Cube puzzle design in SOLIDWORKS

Are you going to give your puzzle cube a try? Let us know how it goes in the comment box below!

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