When to Use Weld Beads vs Fillet Beads in SOLIDWORKS

    February 11, 2022

    How can I show that two parts are welded together in SOLIDWORKS without modeling a bead into the part? In this article, let's look at two different tools to use when adding beads to your model and the benefits of using one over the other, and the reasons why. 

    SOLIDWORKS, 3D CAD, Tech Tips

    How Do I 3D Print from SOLIDWORKS

    February 12, 2021

    As 3D printing becomes more common in the workplace, users are turning to SOLIDWORKS to better understand their designs in the context of 3D printing. SOLIDWORKS offers several 3D printing visualization and analysis tools and all of them can be accessed through the Print3D tool (File > Print3D). Let's take a look!