Advanced Multibody Modeling in SOLIDWORKS

By Chang Lee on September 17, 2020

Multibody part modeling is a foundation skill needed to create advanced models. In this week's Video Tech Tip, we’re going to show you some more advanced multibody modeling techniques in SOLIDWORKS.


This week, we’re using the puzzle cube file we created in a previous Video Tech Tip.  Now, we have this awesome puzzle cube, but maybe you wanted each puzzle piece to have its own part file to make it easier to 3D print. There are a few different ways to export bodies from a multibody part file to individual part files. We'll use the Save Bodies command. To access this command, right-click on your bodies folder and click on Save Bodies.

Save_Bodies in SOLIDWORKS

This command automatically recognizes the different bodies you have and asks you which ones you want to keep. In this example, we’ll keep all of them. In fact, we also want to add names to them. So, once you click on the checkbox, click in the cell next to the checkbox to open a save dialog box. You can save this new part file anywhere on your computer and assign it a name and repeat this step for each component.

Multibodies in SOLIDWORKS

Last, you can also create an assembly that holds all these exported bodies. Just click on the Browse button to find a location to save the assembly file. To complete the command, remember to click the green check mark.

Saving bodies in SOLIDWORKS

And that is just a taste of some of the advanced multibody modeling techniques you can use to help you create advanced designs in SOLIDWORKS.

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