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Search Tools in SOLIDWORKS Electrical

January 18, 2018

Inside of SOLIDWORKS Electrical there are two powerful search tools that are great for navigating through the software enabling you to quickly find what you need when you need it. SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic design capabilities simplify development of electrical systems with robust and intuitive single-line and multi-line schematic tools for planning your electrical system.

>> Click here to learn how to use the search tool in SOLIDWORKS Electrical

SOLIDWORKS, Tech Tips, Electrical Design

Creating Libraries in SOLIDWORKS Electrical

January 11, 2018

SOLIDWORKS Electrical is a powerful tool that makes creating 2D Schematics quick and easy. SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic is capable of developing electrical systems with robust and intuitive single-line and multi-line schematic tools for planning your electrical system. In no time at all, you can generate drawings, wire lists, "From-To" lists, and countless other documentation for manufacturing.

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Introduction to solidThinking Inspire

January 9, 2018

Do you find yourself needing a solution that allows you to test the structural efficiency of your design? solidThinking Inspire might be your answer. Not only does it have the ability to test the design's support for the required loads, it also enhances the process by generating a new optimal material layout. In this Video Tech Tip, we will explore how solidThinking Inspire cuts out the long process of essentially guess and check.  


Converting a Step File to a Part File with Featureworks

January 4, 2018

Many times you'll have to work with a part that isn't a SOLIDWORKS file. Maybe some of your collaborators are using a different package or you downloaded a part from an online catalog. Sure SOLIDWORKS can open these other file types like STEP, IGES, or Parasolid, but they're not really useable because they get imported as what's known as a "dumb solid." FeatureWorks is a powerful tool that can be used to recognize those geometric features a and build a parametric, feature-rich model. Here's how to use the tool.


Using the Belt/Chain Assembly Feature in SOLIDWORKS

November 16, 2017

Belts and chains are a common part of machine design in the engineering world. SOLIDWORKS enables you to easily create these in the assembly environment with the use of an Assembly Feature. Watch our Video Tech Tip to learn how!


Explode Animation with SOLIDWORKS Composer

November 9, 2017

You created your assembly. Now it's time to take it apart. Check out the video below to see how to create an exploded animation in SOLIDWORKS Composer to convey complexities in your designs or assembly procedures. 


2D to 3D Conversions in SOLIDWORKS

November 2, 2017

As more and more people are transitioning from 2D modeling software to 3D modeling with SOLIDWORKS, converting legacy 2D data is more important than ever. When you make this switch, there's no need to start from scratch and redrawing hundreds or even thousands of models. With SOLIDWORKS, converting 2D dwg to 3D models is quick and easy. Learn how to do it in this week's Video Tech Tip.


SOLIDWORKS Routing Capabilities: Piping, Tubing and Electrical

October 26, 2017

Ever wonder what SOLIDWORKS Routing can do for you? Routing is broken into three main categories: piping, tubing and electrical. In this Video Tech Tip, we will show you an overview of the routing capabilities, including activating the add-in, setting up display states, accessing components in the Design Library, adding dimensions and more. 


How to Create Reference Planes Inside of SOLIDWORKS

October 17, 2017

In this Video Tech Tip, we take a look at creating reference planes inside of SOLIDWORKS. Reference planes are typically added to models to create geometry at a different angle or orientation instead of just your standard front, top or right planes. 


Using the Vent Feature in SOLIDWORKS

October 12, 2017

The Vent feature in SOLIDWORKS is a great way to add any sort of vents for airflow through sheet metal and plastic parts. It’s a very simple way to create a vent opening, spars and ribs as needed. Today, we will be looking at how to easily automate this based on a sketch in SOLDIWORKS.