SOLIDWORKS, Simulation, Tech Tips

Topology Optimization in SOLIDWORKS

June 21, 2018

Having an optimized design is one of the most important things to nearly every SOLIDWORKS designer. Typically, this means the most lightweight design that still gets the job done. In this Video Tech Tip, we walk through the process of how to use Topology Optimization to come up with the most optimal shape. 


Design Variations with SOLIDWORKS PCB

June 14, 2018

With SOLIDWORKS PCB, unprecedented levels of collaboration are possible between mechanical CAD and electrical CAD. These two historically separate teams can now work seamlessly on the same models in real time in their own respective software. 


Working with Zebra Stripes in SOLIDWORKS

June 7, 2018

With zebra stripes, you can get a detailed look at your SOLIDWORKS geometry. Through the lens of zebra stripes, you can really understand the shape and quality of your model surfaces. In this Video Tech Tip, we take look at some examples of how the Zebra Stripes tool in SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD shows you small changes that can be hard to see in a standard display. 

Three Routing Tips in Less Than Three Minutes

May 31, 2018

The Routing add-in is included with SOLIDWORKS Premium and allows users to not only create piping and tubing routes, but electrical routes as well.  The process is largely automated and producing piping drawings with detailed BOMs (including pipe lengths), is a simple process. In today’s video, I hope to show you three simple routing tips that show some of the power and functionality that is built into SOLIDWORKS routing:

Parallel Approvals in SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional

May 24, 2018

Workflow transitions can accommodate product development processes that require multiple team members to approve documents. For example, a department may need a team lead and a member of the management team to both approve a change before the file can be promoted. In this Video Tech Tip, we look at parallel approvals inside a SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional vault. 

Creating Multi-Layered Appearances in SOLIDWORKS Visualize

May 17, 2018

SOLIDWORKS Visualize is a standalone rendering tool introduced to the SOLIDWORKS suite of products in 2016. With this tool you can easily create renderings of your SOLIDWORKS models so lifelike it’s tough to tell the difference between a rendering and an actual photograph. Like all tools in the SOLIDWORKS portfolio, they are very intuitive and easy to use. Ease of use is the bedrock upon which SOLIDWORKS was built in 1995. 


Customize Your Hole Wizard in SOLIDWORKS

May 10, 2018

One of the best things about SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD is the holes types and styles included with the Hole Wizard. If your shop only uses three, four or even a few dozen fasteners, having a larger variety can lead to a decrease in modeling speed. In this Video Tech Tip, you will learn how to customize your Hole Wizard options to a shop-specific format.


Using the Fully Define Sketch Tool in SOLIDWORKS

May 3, 2018

Fully defining a sketch is often an essential part of a good design process. With few exceptions, every sketch you create should be fully defined with your design intent inserted via sketch relations and dimensions. Unfortunately, with some sketches are very difficult to do this, and we’re often left wondering what needs to be done to change those blue lines to black. This is where the “Fully Define Sketch” tool can come into play.


Configuring Parts in SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD

April 26, 2018

Using part configurations is a great way to reuse basic part geometry, cut down on rebuild times with simplified configurations and easily change the length of fasteners. While part configurations can be useful on their own, they really shine when used in an assembly because it can save a tremendous amount of time, and allow one to easily create assembly configurations


Introduction to Mouse Gestures in SOLIDWORKS

April 19, 2018

Mouse gestures are activated by simply right clicking and dragging your mouse in a certain direction. This direction corresponds to a SOLIDWORKS command that is set by you in the customization window. In this Video Tech Tip, we demonstrate how using just two commands can save time as well as allow for practice utilizing whichever two commands you use the most.