Understanding SOLIDWORKS Toolbox and Smart Part

By Danny Lopez on May 8, 2020

SOLIDWORKS Toolbox is a library of fasteners and supplier standard components, fully integrated into SOLIDWORKS Professional and Premium. It provides easy access to your frequently used parts and the ability to customize to your companies standards. 

SOLIDWORKS Toolbox Standard Parts Library

With SOLIDWORKS Toolbox, you have instant access to an entire encyclopedia of standard assembly components. Just drag and drop the parts you need, and it will do the rest in just one click. The SOLIDWORKS Smart Fastener feature automatically sizes the appropriate fasteners and assembles them in the proper orientation and sequence.

SOLIDWORKS Toolbox Standard

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Watch this video to learn how to customize information in set standards using Toolbox.

Supported standards include: 

  • ANSI, BSI, CISC, DIN, ISO, JIS, GB or Customized Standards
Hardware Structural Shapes Power Transmission
Bearings and bearing-life
Bolts and screws
Jig bushings
PEM® inserts
Retaining rings
Miscellaneous drag-and-drop hardware
Aluminum sections
Steel sections
Beam calculator
Timing belt pulleys

Toolbox is an easy way to make sure every single solid model you create adheres to industry standards or your own company standards. Save your engineers time and reduce assembly errors while specifying hardware with SOLIDWORKS Toolbox.

Explore the ways in which you can manage your Toolbox in SOLIDWORKS and learn about the features available to you by watching our on-demand webinar.

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