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Tulip Brings Digital Tracking to Analog Machines

By TriMech on November 1, 2019

Product Story BannerThis week's Product Story showcases Taza Chocolate Manufacturing and their use of the Tulip Software Platform to identify bottlenecks on old machinery and improve overall effectiveness.

Taza Chocolate is an organic bean-to-bar chocolate manufacturer located in Somerville, MA. The company stone grinds organic cacao beans into unrefined, minimally processed chocolate with bold flavors and textures. Their products are sold all across the United States as well as in other countries. 

The Challenge

As an artisan chocolate making company, a lot of their equipment is on the older side. It's crucial for a company to use updated technology as it plays a major role in making a device run quickly and effectively. Taza's equipment is more analog and lacks some of the CPU's and digital connections that newer technology has nowadays. Older machinery makes it difficult to identify the pieces of equipment that are bottlenecks. Not having this visibility means their not maximizing their capabilities to expand sales capacity and growth.

The Outcome of Using Tulip Manufacturing Tools

One of the reasons they chose to partner with Tulip was the connectivity of the software to their existing equipment. With the Tulip software, Taza Chocolate can easily collect real-time data on their machine availability and performance. Being able to identify and eliminate the reason why manufacturing parts aren't working correctly has ultimately led their company to increase capacity, increase sales and drive growth. Tulip has also improved up-time with the machines and key day-to-day metrics with the number of pieces produced per shift. They're able to see daily up times, cycle times, counts of completions and can compare different operations and variables. Improvement in these metrics have driven overall chocolate production by 10-15%, giving them the capability to reach future growth goals.

Another feature of Tulip is that it can cross over to other platforms and other uses where you can see the overall process effectiveness. It can collect data in different areas of manufacturing from the sorting line to the packaging line. Now, they're able to place and package chocolate on the assembly line more efficiently.

Using Tulip has helped Taza Chocolate identify the reasons these pieces of equipment are bottlenecks and it has allowed them to start working in a direction to eliminate old machinery. This has ultimately led the company to expand its sales capacity and growth. The visibility Tulip has provided Taza Chocolate gives them more confidence in the ability to go out, sell more and drive towards their goals.

Download the full case study to learn more about how the technology behind Tulip helped Taza Chocolate with their production process.

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