TriMech Teams Up With CAMWorks

By TriMech on March 27, 2018

We are so excited to add another solution to our software offerings. Introducing CAMWorks - the first SOLIDWORKS Certified Gold product for CAM software! By adding this new solution to our lineup, we are becoming a full-service engineering resource. 

CAMWorks Features

CAMWorks offers a revolutionary way to help machinists achieve their design goals. With Machining Intelligence, it is the next generation CNC programming solution enabling smarter programming and faster machining. The software is fully integrated with CAM programming, automatic feature recognition, automatic programming updates, enhanced two and four axis turning and much more! 

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CAMWorksBenefits of Using CAMWorks 

On top of smarter programming and faster machining, CAMWorks offers a ton of benefits. By saving time, you will be able to beat the competition to market, helping you become a leader in your industry. CAMWorks will help reduce errors. This means not only are you eliminating time to fix any issues, it also means your engineers and designers can put their energy into other ideas, allowing them to be more innovative. With seamlessly integrated design and manufacturing processes under one system, you will be able to simplify your on-boarding process. Teach and train new employees in one software rather than across several different platforms.

This is just the start of the benefits CAMWorks can offer. Want to discover what else it can do for you and your company? Learn more today!
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