3D Printing, PolyJet Technology

Injection Mold Prototyping Using Stratasys 3D Printing Tested by HASCO

September 29, 2015

HASCO, makers of standardized mold products, faced a common design challenge. Their initial design for an ABS plastic sealing screw required a wall thickness too large for traditional injection molding. So they redesigned the part using a thinner wall, but instead of creating an aluminum tool to test the design, they 3D printed the mold design using Stratasys additive manufacturing technology.

3D Printing, PolyJet Technology

Benefit from Soluble Support with the Objet Eden260VS

May 19, 2015

Eden-260-VSProduct Spotlight: Objet Eden260VS

The first time I was wowed by 3D printing technology was with the Objet Eden260V at the University of Florida. And yes, the first PolyJet print I ever witnessed was a semi-transparent Yoda head. The detail was remarkable, especially when comparing it to the ZCorp powder prints that I was used to. Recently, this printer received a significant upgrade to match the new material and support options offered by Stratasys. Read our blog to learn more!