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    The Great Resignation - How Manufacturers are Handling Staffing

    March 23, 2022

    Manufacturers, along with most employers, have been hit with low morale during the COVID-19 pandemic. The change in work and life balance has resulted in a large decrease of working employees in manufacturing. This issue has been termed "The Great Resignation". In this article, we will explain what that means and specifically what manufacturers can do to maintain a successful business.

    Engineering Services, Staffing Services

    TriMech Staffing Provides Engineers for Family-Owned Company

    March 16, 2022

    Many family owned businesses rely on “word-of-mouth” recommendations for hiring, but this method is often very time consuming, especially for more advanced positions. TriMech’s client, a family-owned company specializing in industrial agricultural equipment, was seeking to add a SOLIDWORKS Designer to their team after previously only outsourcing their engineering needs. Despite never having used a staffing company before, the leadership team recognized the opportunity in a technical staffing service and utilized the TriMech Staffing team to find a qualified candidate. TriMech has since helped the company place a total of four engineers and they have plans to utilize the service for future needs.

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    How to Leverage Industry 4.0: Additive Manufacturing Hardware

    January 25, 2022

    This year we have seen the release of several new additive manufacturing technologies that are having an impact on the manufacturing sector – marking the evolution of 3D printing from a rapid prototyping tool to scalable and cost-effective mass production processes. 3D printing’s shift to production requires robust hardware, ready-to-use software and open architectures to allow integration into the manufacturer’s existing ERP, PLM and MES systems.

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    Cars, Jars and Data Centers: How Any Industry Can Benefit from Engineering Services

    January 19, 2022

    Engineering services come in multiple formats that can benefit almost any industry. While the word "engineer" typically brings to mind pictures of complex coding and mechanical designs, the scope of what an engineer can do is much broader. From the use of scanning and printing devices to project management services, companies can benefit in a variety of ways from engineering services.

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    How to Leverage Industry 4.0: Additive Manufacturing Software

    January 18, 2022

    We have recently seen the release of several new additive manufacturing technologies from Stratasys that are going to have a major impact on both the R&D and manufacturing world. There are 3D printers for every step of the production cycle – from design to prototype, tooling and molding, assembly jigs and test fixtures, to even end-use production. Over the past few years, 3D printing has quickly evolved from being strictly a tool for rapid prototyping into a legitimate option for mass production. No single technology is the best for all steps of the manufacturing process but every industrial-grade additive technology excels at something. While the technologies have been advancing leaps and bounds, it’s taken much longer for the software that controls these machines to keep up.

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    What is Advanced Manufacturing?

    December 1, 2021

    As technology continues to advance, industries have found new ways of integrating these technologies to improve their manufacturing processes. Traditional manufacturing has been based on the use of dedicated production lines, which limits the flexibility that these manufacturing processes can have. Through advanced manufacturing, companies are making use of technologies and techniques to gain a competitive edge. In order to achieve this level of competitiveness and flexibility, one must understand how the wide spectrum of relevant technologies available can be integrated towards a focused goal.

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    How TriMech Improves Project Communication with 3DEXPERIENCE

    November 17, 2021

    The engineering work we do for our clients is challenging, exciting and fulfilling. The projects we tackle come from a variety of industries, and even though the team is highly experienced in our focused areas – mechanical design, scanning, simulation, etc., we often find ourselves facing specific applications that are highly specialized and often new. It’s never “Groundhog Day”, and that’s both exciting and cautioning. With engineering projects so unique, we need some serious tools to help communicate with, and understand, our clients needs. 

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    How to Leverage Industry 4.0: Internet of Things

    November 8, 2021

    This is not going to be an article that explains the traditional “Internet of Things” and gives examples of how just about anything and everything made these days is potentially connected to other devices and systems over the internet. We’re going to assume you’re familiar with the addition of sensors, software and technology to physical objects (the “things” in IoT) to facilitate the seamless communication of data. It’s essentially already ubiquitous at this point, right? Everything from household appliances to baby monitors and even things like deodorant is connected to the cloud. We're going to talk about why that matters.

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    How to Leverage Industry 4.0: Additive Manufacturing

    October 25, 2021

    Over the last 10-15 years, perhaps no other emerging technology has gotten as much buzz as additive manufacturing (AM). Its initial, over-simplified, name is 3D printing and is known and understood at some level by people as early as grade school. Its rapid maturity (no pun intended), however, has placed it firmly at the leading edge of Industry 4.0 and is an important consideration for any business. In this article, we’ll forgo the usual explanations of the different technologies and how they work. We have a wealth of existing content to cover that, and it’s easily accessible through our past blogs, videos, and webinars. Instead, we will share exactly why you should consider this technology.