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Get to Know SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic

January 29, 2018

Many types of software can draft a schematic, but very few can actually automate the process and produce things like bills of material, wire run lists, net lists and other necessary documentation for manufacturing. SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic is one of the few - with its ability to automatically capture properties as you design to later be accessed and collated to produce those usually time consuming associated documents.

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Client Story: Skeptical Client Becomes SOLIDWORKS Electrical Convert

July 25, 2017

Every once in a while we run into a client that is hesitant to make the investment in a SOLIDWORKS software solution. Even when their design method includes drafting by hand, they have become very accustomed to what has always worked for the company — and are reluctant to change. In this client story, the reduced design time alone was enough to justify implementing SOLIDWORKS Electrical. 

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Client Story: SOLIDWORKS Electrical Cuts Design Time in Half

July 11, 2017

In this blog series, we highlight stories shared with us by TriMech clients about how we have helped to improve their business with our software and hardware solutions, training, and engineering services.

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Let's Talk Electrical: Mechanical vs Electrical Engineering Jargon

July 7, 2017

Which language do you speakElectrical or Mechanical? Both engineering disciplines have unique jargon that can easily be misinterpreted in translation. Why?

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New Guide Series: Navigating SOLIDWORKS PCB

April 11, 2017

Just last year at SOLIDWORKS World 2016 in Dallas, Texas, SOLIDWORKS PCB (Printed Circuit Board) was added to SOLIDWORKS' product portfolio. It's a huge game changer for mechanical and electronic design teams, integrating Altium's best-in-class PCB technology with SOLIDWORKS CAD capabilities. To help users navigate the new software, we put together a SOLIDWORKS PCB guide series, covering everything from version control to the ECO process and even design for manufacturing.

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4 Tools Enabling Bidirectional ECAD/MCAD Design Collaboration

December 8, 2016

Companies are growing at a rapid rate, and so are the demands for collaboration between departments. In the past, printed circuit board (PCB) designs were exported in various formats to be shared with the mechanical design engineer. Bidirectional communication was non-existent, slow and frustrating.

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August 1, 2016

Recently, I attended a week of training on SOLIDWORKS' newest product, SOLIDWORKS PCB. This new PCB design software was developed in a collaborative effort between Altium and SOLIDWORKS to bridge the gap between the ECAD and MCAD tools.

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Product Announcement: SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic Standard

June 24, 2016

SOLIDWORKS is pleased to announce the North America release and immediate availability of SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic Standard.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical solutions are integral parts of the SOLIDWORKS design and simulation portfolio, helping design engineers reduce the risk inherent in innovation and get their products to market faster with less physical prototyping. 

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May 18, 2016

We are pleased to announce the release of SOLIDWORKS PCB (Printed Circuit Board) powered by Altium, an electronics design application that helps enable seamless collaboration between mechanical and electronic design teams.

SOLIDWORKS PCB natively connects design data between electronic and mechanical computer-aided design (CAD) software environments to provide a new approach to smart, connected product development in today’s age of experience.

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SOLIDWORKS PCB: Bringing Together Electrical & Mechanical Designs

April 8, 2016

SOLIDWORKS recently debuted SOLIDWORKS PCB. This printed circuit board design tool integrates with SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD, enabling a completely collaborative electro-mechanical workflow.

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Creating Terminal Strips Faster with SOLIDWORKS Electrical

March 2, 2016

Image courtesy of Phoenix Contact

Creating terminal strip documentation is an error-prone and tedious process. Creating terminal strip drawings, cabinet layout and industry standard charts that illustrate how the terminal strip is assembled and how the wiring is to be connected must be done to fully document a control panel. Luckily, SOLIDWORKS Electrical has helpful tools that cut this process down from hours to minutes while reducing error.

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5 Reasons Electro-Mechanical Teams Need SOLIDWORKS Electrical

February 25, 2016

The reasons mechanical engineers made the jump to SOLIDWORKS is due to its ease of use, automated processes and reduction in time to market. For these same reasons, we are seeing more and more electrical engineers and designers making the move to SOLIDWORKS Electrical.