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    How to choose the right electrical design software package

    June 22, 2022

    Electrical schematic design tools fill a vital niche in the engineering environment. Falling somewhere between pure electrical and mechanical design, they allow engineers to communicate crucial system-level wiring specifications to technicians, vendors and other downstream project stakeholders. Recognizing the importance of this facet of production, SOLIDWORKS provides several solutions to allow multidisciplinary teams to work together to achieve their design goals and milestones efficiently. Choosing the right tool for your business comes down to a few specific factors we’ll explore in this blog.

    SOLIDWORKS, Electrical Design

    Cable Harness and Connectors in SolidWorks Electrical

    May 30, 2022

    SOLDWORKS Electrical has several tools available to make the documentation of complex cable harness assemblies more manageable. Let’s investigate how to create a detailed connection within the tool by taking a set of connectors and conductors and combining them to establish a new cable harness.

    SOLIDWORKS, Electrical Design

    How to define a PLC in SOLIDWORKS Electrical

    April 19, 2022

    SOLIDWORKS Electrical is a great tool for designing electrical schematics in 2D and having it represented in our 3D SOLIDWORKS assemblies. We know that we can create 2D symbols of all different types of components including motors, resistors and terminal strips that also maintain associativity back to our component library. This library holds all sorts of information about the component including manufacturer, location and any other relevant data. A common question I receive from clients is: “I do a lot of electrical design using PLCs. Typically, I just draw boxes and type in any information I might need but this is very time consuming. Is this a better way?” Fortunately, SOLIDWORKS Electrical makes this process as seamless as adding in any other component.

    SOLIDWORKS, Electrical Design

    Restoring Your Electrical Data

    March 30, 2022

    We often get questions that come in hot over escalations about retrieving lost data. The fact that Electrical data is created and stored live often leads to users not planning their off-site backup processes with their respective IT staff. In this article, I will be covering electrical data, the types of backups and when and what data to restore. 

    SOLIDWORKS, Electrical Design

    SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D vs Routing

    March 2, 2022

    In this article, I will address a very common question I get when working with clients involved in electrical design: What’s the big difference between SOLIDWORKS Routing and SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D?

    On paper and in video demonstrations, they both seem to do the same thing: allow you to route wires and cables more easily through your SOLIDWORKS assemblies. If you have ever experienced the unbridled joy of trying to create a wire using a 3D spline sweep in a SOLIDWORKS assembly, both may be enticing propositions. In addition to understanding their academic differences, perhaps the better question is: Which solution is the better fit for my business? I’ll try to answer both.

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    Installing SOLIDWORKS Electrical in 2022

    February 3, 2022

    It’s been 10 years since SOLIDWORKS Electrical joined the family of SOLIDWORKS products. The Electrical CAD Products have evolved over the generations as one of the fastest-growing products and the current 2022 offerings include the following 3 packages:

    SOLIDWORKS, Electrical Design

    Wire Cabling Order - An Important Tool You're Not Using

    December 29, 2021

    In electrical design, how we choose to represent connections between electrical devices in our schematics is often open to interpretation. If we’re not careful, our design intent can be easily miscommunicated to the reader, leading to potentially disastrous results. “The danger is in the details,” as they say. SOLIDWORKS Electrical provides some powerful methods of ensuring that nothing is lost in translation, but many designers frequently overlook them. Today’s blog will focus on how you can avoid costly and time-consuming errors in testing and assembly, by spending just a bit more time clarifying your schematic connections. Let’s begin.

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    Best of SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2022

    November 24, 2021

    Each year, SOLIDWORKS seeks to outdo itself with hundreds of sweeping enhancements to its diverse and ever-expanding portfolio of engineering, manufacturing and design solutions. SOLIDWORKS Electrical, in particular, received quite a few significant enhancements this year, making documenting your electromechanical systems more streamlined than ever before. With this article, I wanted to highlight some of what I consider to be the most impactful updates for those considering whether it'd make sense to upgrade sooner rather than later.

    SOLIDWORKS, Electrical Design

    Getting Organized: Electrical Reports

    September 30, 2021

    On the road to becoming an engineer, what they don’t tell you about is how much menial labor goes into documenting and supporting an electrical system you’ve helped design. Sourcing spec sheets, entering project data cell-by-cell into Excel, and if something changes, recalling with perfect clarity the numerous places that need to be updated. It can be very easy to spend just as much time documenting a project as drafting it!