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    Should I Change from AutoCAD to DraftSight?

    June 12, 2020

    For some, working in AutoCAD feels like a comfortable, well-worn glove. The menu layout, the command line, the color scheme and all the customized buttons and LISP routines you’ve painstakingly created over the years combine to form a cozy, familiar environment you’re more than a little reluctant to leave behind. Let me tell you, I’ve been there. For more than twenty-seven years, I used AutoCAD but it was time to change, so I switched to DraftSight and have never looked back. In this article, I’m going to talk about the features I discovered that made me switch from AutoCAD to DraftSight and why I think you should too.

    2D CAD, DraftSight

    Top 3 New Integrations for DraftSight 2019

    June 5, 2019

    The main appeal of DraftSight is that it allows users to create, edit, view and mark up any kind of DWG file with a familiar user interface, so transitions to and from a user’s CAD application are quicker. That integration between the 2D and 3D environment is key to what makes DraftSight such a great tool. Since it is part of the Dassault Systèmes family, it can seamlessly integrate with other products like SOLIDWORKS, GEOVIA, DELMIA and many others. With the release of DraftSight 2019, they have added even more integrations to the list, and these are our favorites:

    2D CAD, DraftSight

    Major Changes in DraftSight 2019

    May 8, 2019

    Since its first launch in 2010, DraftSight has been designed to help users create/edit DWG files with powerful CAD tools and functionality. This latest release incorporates survey feedback from millions of DraftSight users and adds the most asked-for capabilities and greater functionality. It also shuffles the deck with regards to the old product portfolio and reallocates both old and new features across a new streamlined suite of products. In this blog, we’re going to take a top-level look at these changes and the new normal for the DraftSight product line.

    2D CAD, DraftSight

    Getting Started With DraftSight

    August 27, 2014

    Here at ModernTech, we are partial to SOLIDWORKS software. However, if you’re not ready to move to 3D CAD and work with older versions of 2D CAD or legacy 2D data, DraftSight may be a good solution.

    DraftSight is an open-source professional tool for your DWG files available as a free download through Dassault Systemes. With DraftSight, you can create, view, maintain and edit older 2D drawings easily. You can access all DWG/DXF files, regardless of which CAD software was originally used to create them.

    DraftSight’s interface should seem familiar to most users. It looks and operates similarly to other 2D systems you may have used previously. It’s also platform independent. Whether you’re a Windows or Mac person, you can use DraftSight and get access to community support, upgrades and helpful resources.

    DraftSight features a customizable toolbar for quick access to common commands and a ton of dimensioning functions. For instance, you can add layers to your drawing or hide layers you don’t need with the Layer Manager. Layers can be unhidden just as easily. You can rotate, stretch, trim, clone or entities with simple mouse gestures. And that’s just the short list.

    This video has been very popular at our YouTube channel. It gives some quick examples of what DraftSight can do.

    Check it out.