SOLIDWORKS Rx Problem Capture: Part 2

May 3, 2018

In part one of this two-part blog, we discussed the SOLIDWORKS Rx tool and the steps for recording your problem while using the software. Using this technique to capture information often requires the issue to be repeatable. But, what if the behavior itself is inconsistent? Fortunately, we can still gather most of the information captured by SOLIDWORKS Rx, after the fact!


SOLIDWORKS Rx Problem Reporting: Part 1

May 2, 2018

The SOLDIWORKS Rx tool is a feature that is automatically installed with SOLIDWORKS software. However, many users are unaware of its benefits. It easily captures video and information for troubleshooting problems and checks your systems performance. It also allows you to run tests and compare your results with other SOLIDWORKS users. In this two part blog we will dive into the SOLDIWORKS Rx tool and how to use it to help solve issues that can arise while using the software. 

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Client Story: McGuire VA Medical Center Increases Productivity With Training

April 27, 2018

TriMech is fortunate to work with clients from Maine to Florida and out to Arkansas, offering a range of engineering solutions. This week's client story showcases McGuire VA Medical Center and SOLIDWORKS Assembly Modeling Training. 

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TivaWater: Clean Water For A Thirsty World

April 5, 2018

Without water, life would cease to exist. In the United States, we never have to worry about the quality of our drinking water, but that's not the case for everyone around the world.

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TriMech vs Wilson: March Madness Basketball Rendering in SOLIDWORKS

March 29, 2018

Look out Wilson—TriMech has rendered our own NCAA official basketball for March Madness this year. Check out what TriMech thinks about this year's bracket, our favorite teams and how we used SOLIDWORKS to get our logo on the game ball. 


Ballooning Placeholder, Dummy and Hidden Parts in SOLIDWORKS Drawings

March 26, 2018

Sometimes our assemblies require additional components or items that may not be visible within the actual 3D SOLIDWORKS assembly. I encountered a question from a customer who was using a sealant on an O-ring in their design. They still wanted to track the usage of this sealant on their Bill of Materials (BOM) but didn’t feel it was necessary to create a 3D component for it within the SOLIDWORKS assembly.

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5 Predictions About the Future of 3D Printing

February 15, 2018

We know not everyone eats, sleeps and breathes technology like we do. Which means maybe you haven't dived too deep into what is going to happen in the future with the industry. Since we're tech obsessed, we're constantly following additive manufacturing trends and researching what's in store for the future of 3D printing. Read our top five predictions and tell us what you think.

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Top 11 Features in SOLIDWORKS 2018: Tab and Slot Feature for Sheet Metal and Weldments

February 12, 2018

Creating fixtures for sheet metal and weldment assemblies can be a costly and time-consuming process. Care must be taken to ensure the parts align correctly and that the final product is built as designed. Fortunately, SOLIDWORKS 2018 provides users with new functionality that will make this process easier than ever. Read why the Tabs and Slot feature is among our favorites in the recent SOLIDWORKS upgrade.

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6 Tests to Troubleshoot SOLIDWORKS Network License Connection Issues

January 26, 2018

Have you ever experienced issues when connecting the SOLIDWORKS SolidNetwork License (SNL) manager? If so, read on as we highlight some of the main areas that can cause trouble while obtaining a license.

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Client Story: How Simulation Drove Innovation at Waters

January 16, 2018

As SOLIDWORKS' involvement in the product design process continues to grow, one area that shows significant potential is virtual design analysis. From basic finite element analysis (FEA) and tolerance stack-up analysis using intuitive wizards, to mold flow analysis, to streamline plastic mold design and advanced simulation studies using premier simulation tools, SOLIDWORKS offers a complete range of tools to make product design more efficient and productive. 

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Three Easy Steps to Get Started with DriveWorksXpress

December 29, 2017

Every SOLIDWORKS user has access to a series of “Xpress” products which are introductory versions of fully featured add-ins to the software. This blog will focus on DriveWorksXpress specifically, but the same procedure can be applied to SimulationXpress, FloXpress, DFMXpress and SustainabilityXpress.


Watermark Your Design

December 22, 2017

Watermarks are an easy and clear way to mark the state of a drawing. Commonly used states are Preliminary, Work in Process, Pending Approval and Released. We’ll first look at creating a watermark using text and then do an example with an image file.