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Top 11 Features in SOLIDWORKS 2020: Fillet Repair

By Stephen Petrock on March 20, 2020

Fillet repair in SOLIDWORKS 2020

When creating a model in SOLIDWORKS, changes are bound to happen. A key to this is creating a robust model. You’ll know if your model is sturdy if you try to make design changes and it does not show any failures or does not break. With SOLIDWORKS 2020, there is a new feature to help your models adjust to changes so you can spend less time troubleshooting and more time modeling.

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The Envelope Fillet Repair Tool in SOLIDWORKS

In this example, the cutout on this screen rim needs to be a separate feature to support multiple configurations in the assembly. This change is easy. You can use contours of the existing sketch and create the features required for this change.

rim design in SOLIDWORKS

Fillet repair option in SOLIDWORKS 2020

With SOLIDWORKS, changes like this are simple. As expected, some geometries, like the mounting holes, update automatically. However, fillets fail. The edge references have changed, even though the geometry is identical to the original design. This is going to be the most common point of failure for a lot of design changes. We’ve all probably had this happen at one point.

A new streamlined workflow in SOLIDWORKS 2020 will now automatically repair these missing fillet edges, speeding the design change process and keeping you focused on your design. By just right-clicking on the broken fillets, SOLIDWORKS will automatically fix them.

Watch our video below to learn how this new fillet repair feature of SOLIDWORKS 2020 can help keep your models together.


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