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Top 11 Features in SOLIDWORKS 2019: Graphics Pipe

By Stephen Petrock on January 18, 2019

Top 11 Features in SOLIDWORKS: Graphics Pipe

SOLIDWORKS 2019 offers some incredible advancements in the graphics performance. Everyday tasks like manipulating models and geometry, zoom and rotate are greatly improved in SOLIDWORKS 2019. These changes are very noticeable, especially when working with large assemblies.

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Pre-SOLIDWORKS 2019 Life

In past releases, we mostly lived in the large assembly mode which would optimize certain settings that enabled users to efficiently work with larger assemblies. This mode would also remove small components during view changes. These optimizations make view manipulations fast but they come at the expense of visual appeal. If you wanted better visualization you could turn off large assembly mode but then the performance would be sacrificed.

Have It All With SOLIDWORKS 2019

This has all been changed in SOLIDWORKS 2019. You are no longer forced to choose between performance and visual appeal. With this update, view manipulations are lightning fast even with the large assembly mode turned off. Watch our video to see a side-by-side comparison of the graphics performance between SOLIDWORKS 2018 and SOLIDWORKS 2019.


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Graphics Performance Boost

This improved performance is made possible because of a feature known as Graphics Performance Boost. Behind the scenes, there are more graphics calculations being done on the graphics hardware. To take advantage of this functionality just go to system options and turn it on. With one simple checkbox, you’ll notice incredible graphics performance and a much-improved user experience with SOLIDWORKS 2019.

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Top 11 Best Features in SOLIDWORKS 2019