Strategic Advantage: Move Fast & Don’t Break Things

By TriMech on April 12, 2021

One of the most impactful areas for change in an organization is mastering the ideation process and understanding its importance in the connected process. The connected process, or the main stages of product development, is broken up into anywhere from 5-10 stages, like ideation, simulation/testing, documentation, production resource management, and product management/shop floor. We’ve all heard the phrase “Move Fast & Break Things,” but with a strong ideation phase that influences every stage of your connected process, you can move fast and NOT break things.

Limitations to Traditional Ideation

Ideations are typically a static process happening once and then moving to the next stage. Because of that, there’s no mechanism for bringing new people into the conversation. How can you do that if new information becomes available halfway through this one-time session or if you have new participants?

3DEXPERIENCE Ideation Process

Ideations are isolated and happen in a closed-off room with limited people and because of this, they tend to only push one idea through the connected process. The expectation is that you don’t revisit ideas until you’re proven the prototype or the physical product isn’t going to work, then you revisit these other insights that were tossed aside in the ideation process.

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Ideation can be a derivative process because you are typically only building on the ideas that have worked previously. Yet, the best way to empower your teams is to look at the totality of existing ideas and passed upon prototypes.

How can we challenge the approach to traditional Ideation?

  • Is our ideation process something we revisit throughout development, prototyping and production?
  • Do ideas get better as more, and specifically more diverse stakeholders are involved?
  • Can new information become available, regardless of stage of the connected process?
  • Are new team members limited by not understanding the entire ideation funnel?
  • Is there value in codifying tribal knowledge?
  • Does our existing success limit our ability to ideate?

The Path Forward

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform is a business innovation platform upon which design, collaboration, and ideation apps are built and it fits well within the concepts of the connected process. There’s a specific role called Collaborative Business Innovator and a set of applications; the Communities and the Idea Funnel, that allow ideation to be handled in a different way. This is your organization's first step in reinventing your ideation process as a strategic advantage.

3DEXPERIENCE Communities

The idea behind Communities and the Idea Funnel is to bring different people into a conversation, at any point in the conversation, and they will be able to see all ideas at any stage that have previously been discussed. The platform allows you to see the entire Idea Funnel, to track the individual ideas throughout the collaboration process, to see the types of ideas, how many are brand new and how many are developing. You can tell the status based on where it is in the funnel and you can customize the statuses or stages to fit your organization's specific processes. You can also filter the Idea Funnel so you can see ideas that are out or at any particular stage, so you can focus on those. The Idea Funnel is an incredibly useful visualization technique for understanding where ideas began and where they are in the process.

The funnel is really one of many ways 3DEXPERIENCE can help your company take the Ideation stage of your processes to the next level and make it a strategic advantage. You can see further examples in the full on-demand webinar below.

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform, the Collaborative Business Innovator role and specifically, the Communities and the Idea Funnel are collaborative, searchable, and persistent, meaning this can be your knowledgebase moving forward and it’s always dynamic. If you want to transform your organization with a dynamic Ideation phase that fuels the entire connected process, the 3DEXPERIENCE platform can help you get there.

In our webinar Change is Constant: Mastering Change Management, we discuss how the 3DEXPERIENCE platform provides an easy way to efficiently define, standardize and execute change processes across multiple business functions.

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