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Client Story: Nothing Personal

By Jeremy Hirsch on August 1, 2018

As part of TriMech’s Staffing group, my job is to reach out to clients. Part of my conversations involve not only listening about their business, but really hearing what they have to say about their company, how it works and the struggles they may be facing. I uncover needs or problems of their business and see how our team can remedy their frustrations.

Many of our clients not only have trouble finding the right candidate to hire, but struggle to find qualified candidates to interview. Some have been burned by agencies in the past that didn't know enough about their industry or business to help. Here at TriMech, we like to take a different approach. Read on to discover how we flip your search on its head.


It’s not a word that elicits a friendly tone. I’ve often dialed clients who did not perceive my call in a warm or inviting manner. They already held a preconceived notion about me.

I called a Custom Metal Fabrication shop and introduced myself. The exasperated owner replied, “Just so you know, I get why you’re calling and think you’re a scumbag." It would have been easy to thank him for his time and just hang up, I didn't know him. Instead, I asked a simple question.


Asking “Why?” is easy, but it's rarely done. Anyone with small children knows they are capable of asking it over and over. I asked him why he felt that way. For him, staffing agencies have never bothered to ask him why, they only saw his job posting. Instead, we took it a step further to uncover more information about their needs.

  • Why are you searching for this position?
  • Why is this position important for you and the success of your business?
  • Why will you commit time and resources to filling this role?


Through the conversation, we talked about his position as a smaller company and the needs that were unique to his business. He had been attempting to fill an engineering role for awhile and did not understand why he could not find viable candidates. He asked me to look at the job description. I quickly saw the description for the job did not match the title he created for his postings.

Why Does This Matter?

The client wanted to take the changes I suggested and continue his search for a few weeks before working with us on the search. He called me back two weeks later to let me know he filled the role thanks to our conversation.

This company had previously worked with staffing groups who never understood their needs or positions. One conversation with TriMech and the owner was able to change his job description and find his candidate. There’s no magic solution, but targeted conversations help.

Because TriMech is focused on being an Engineering Resource, we can better help our clients fill their opening engineering roles. From focused Account Managers and Recruiters to relying on the 90+ engineers employed at TriMech, we use our resources to understand your engineering needs.

Reach out today and let us know how we can help you.

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