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4 Tips for Summer Job Hunting

June 23, 2017

Summer is the season of lying by the pool, grilling out with friends—and yes, job hunting! There’s a long believed myth that hiring stalls during the summer months, but in fact, position are filling up at the same rate or faster than the rest of the year. Keep your job search fired up during these months and use these tips for summer job hunting.

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Online Job Hunting: the Good, the Bad & the Ugly

June 16, 2017

Online job hunting has become the one of the most popular ways to land a new position. While there are positives to using this method, it isn’t always the best option. In this blog, we outline the good, the bad and the ugly of online job hunting.

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6 Tips for Managing a Healthy Outsourcing Relationship

June 9, 2017

If you’ve decided to outsource your engineering projects, the next step is to make sure you are managing a healthy relationship with your engineering service provider. A successful outsourcing partnership takes open communication with the right provider. These partnerships can be tricky, but with these six tips you will be able to maintain a healthy and effective outsourcing relationship.

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4 Signs your Business Needs Consulting Services

June 2, 2017

When is it the right time to bring in engineering consulting services? Does your in-house team have the ability to tackle the project alone? It can be difficult to tell when your team is in need of some engineering help. That’s why we’ve outlined 4 major signs that your business needs consulting services.

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Engineering Services Project Spotlight: Brain Sentry

May 26, 2017

TriMech Services’ team of experienced design engineers has the capability to work on a wide variety of engineering projects for any length of time. TriMech Services offers various engineering services such as 2D-3D file conversion, reverse engineering and SOLIDWORKS or AutoCAD services. In this week’s engineering services project spotlight, we highlight how TriMech Services helped Brain Sentry create a helmet-mounted sensor.

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4 Tips for a Better Hiring Process

May 17, 2017

The key to successful business leadership is a strong hiring process. But, it’s not an easy task. Hiring is a time-consuming and inexact art that can make or break your company. But don’t worry--using these four tips, you can drastically improve your hiring process.

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Engineering Services Project Spotlight: Ingenco

May 10, 2017

TriMech Services offers a wide variety of engineering services through a team of highly skilled design engineers. TriMech Services’ engineers can work a project of any length, including offsite or onsite projects. This week’s engineering services project spotlight highlights how TriMech Services helped Ingenco fulfill a short-term engineering staff need.

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Top 3 Trending Technologies in Engineering

May 5, 2017

In an era of rapidly changing technologies, outsourcing engineering services has become more popular than ever due to the difficulty of keeping in-house talent consistently trained with the newest technology. Firms are finding it more and more necessary to maintain flexibility and outsource their niche engineering projects to ensure they’re keeping up with industry standards. In this blog, we discuss the top three trending technologies in engineering that are changing the manufacturing world.

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Engineering Service’s Project Spotlight: Cottrell Contracting

April 28, 2017

TriMech offers a variety of design and engineering services for companies who need extra professional help on projects. From 2D-3D file conversion/creation to product development and design, from technical documentation to machining and everything in between, TriMech Services design engineering capabilities can support various industries. In this week’s engineering service’s project spotlight, we highlight Cottrell Contracting and how we helped convert their 2D design files to 3D models.

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6 Most Commonly Outsourced Engineering Services

April 21, 2017

Are you looking for engineering services to supplement your in-house design team? Mechanical engineering, structural engineering, electrical engineering or anything in between can be successfully outsourced to save your company time and money. In this week’s blog, we take a look at the six most commonly outsourced engineering services and discuss why companies choose to outsource.