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Hiring a Staffing Specialist vs. Generalist

By Loretta Lacks on January 10, 2019

When you look at Western medicine and how we categorize medical doctors and their capabilities, they usually fall into one of two categories: specialist or generalist. Specialists are able to provide a higher quality of care because of their additional training, education and focus on a specific area; they can target and treat specific conditions by providing expert procedures or treatment plans to help their patients achieve a higher level of care. The same distinction can also be found in the recruitment and staffing industry.

Asking The Right Question

I recently started asking my potential clients, "Does your current staffing partner or staff augmentation provider give you specialized support or are they an all-around generalist?" This is a critical question during my discovery with prospective clients. The question allows a dialogue that determines if the client has a partner who can be an extension of their engineering/manufacturing process or if they are merely an external vendor supplying resumes. Off-target recruitment support often yields irrelevant resumes, which could ultimately waste the client’s time.

Why Choose The Specialist? 

Having a specialist recruiter can help target the specific skills needed for a variety of areas within the industry. This is very relevant for technical positions. By having an engineer on your side, extra layers can be added to the recruitment process allowing for additional vetting and even enables candidates to be assessed on the required engineering software needed for the role. The niche can give you a deeper solution-based discussion and expert strategies.

For example, let’s say a client is a large manufacturing company handling the demands of their existing product lines, new production or even launching a new product to market. To meet their engineering initiatives and goals, they are reliant upon specific counseling and advice. This client would benefit from specialized engineering resources that TriMech could provide. Often times, staffing agencies are unable to specialize and this can result in a lack of understanding and unfocused sourcing.

The TriMech Difference

If you're looking for engineers specialized in a given area, TriMech Staffing can help you. We focus on educating, consulting and exploring engineers and help companies find their right fit. We're a company run by engineers for engineers and are here to engage with you and support you with your staffing or staff augmentation needs.

Working on expanding your team? TriMech Staffing can help! 

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