How to Improve Design and Documentation Processes

By Alaine Portnoy on January 8, 2018

Are you still using a paper-based product development process? If you're a small to mid-sized manufacturer using SOLIDWORKS, it's time to upgrade to a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution. Learn how PLM can benefit your business from guest blogger, Alaine Portnoy of Omnify. 

Omnify Software and SOLIDWORKS

As a SOLIDWORKS Solution Partner, Omnify is recognized as a best-in-class solution that integrates directly with SOLIDWORKS software. This integration provides SOLIDWORKS users with the ability to utilize the Omnify Empower PLM system to easily store and manage released Bill of Materials (BOMs) and associated files, automatically create BOMs from 3D assembly drawings and gain access to an enhanced data set such as: costs, status, availability and vendor information to support better design decisions.


Using our CADKit SOLIDWORKS interface, SOLIDWORKS users can generate BOM reports from any SOLIDWORKS assembly and automatically upload BOMs, models and final documentation to the Omnify Empower PLM system. Leveraging Empower PLM for your centralized product record will help reduce engineering change cycle time, increase the quality and accuracy of product data and ensure design and manufacturing are in sync.

Omnify Empower PLM

OmnifySoftwareLogo.pngEmpower PLM supplies a single, secure location to manage all the essential information for designing, manufacturing and supporting your products and enhances visibility into all aspects of product development. You can centralize and streamline the flow of information among Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Document Control, Operations, Quality, Compliance, Manufacturing, Executive Management and Outsource Partners.

Omnify Software offers the industry's only "pure play" PLM solution built on a flexible technology platform to supply an easy-to-use, quick to implement and affordable solution with on-premises and hosted/cloud-based options. The ease of use, fast implementation and cost-effective price of the Omnify Empower PLM solution make it ideal for small and start-up to mid-tier manufacturers, yet it is scalable to meet the needs of larger enterprises. The SOLIDWORKS integration is included in the purchase of an Omnify Empower Business or Professional Suite.

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