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SOLIDWORKS 2017 Top 11 Features: Shaded Sketch Contours

By Tricia Klebe on February 1, 2017

SOLIDWORKS 2017 Shaded Sketch Contours

SOLIDWORKS 2017 Shaded Sketch Contour is a tool designers are going to love. It can help you avoid leaving small, undetected gaps in your sketch profile. We'll show you how this simple setting can make such a huge difference to your confidence, work time and design workflow.

What is SOLIDWORKS 2017 Shaded Sketch Contours?

SOLIDWORKS 2017 Shaded Sketch ContoursSOLIDWORKS 2017 improves sketching capabilities with the addition of the Shaded Sketch Contours tool. This new feature allows designers to work with simple to complex contours (closed shapes) and sub-contours (a combination of contours), providing immediate feedback on the status of their sketches. Different shading is applied so initial and subsequent sketches can be distinguished.

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How will this new feature improve your workflow?

Download our infographic showing the top 11 SOLIDWORKS 2017 features.SOLIDWORKS 2017 takes manual labor out of sketching functions. Only available for new sketches in SOLIDWORKS 2017, Shaded Sketch Contours allow users to automatically shade and increase visibility of their design. Seeing your design take shape and knowing a sketch contains a closed contour is a huge benefit.

Plus, users can significantly reduce sketch time with single step monitoring and beginner-friendly navigation. Rather than using the Move tool, the new Shaded Sketch Contours settings allow users to drag, resize, make blocks and apply relations directly to shaded sketches.

It also gives users access to the Extruded Boss/Base tool, as well as the Mirror Entities and Offset Entities tools. It’s easier than ever to identify fully closed shapes since SOLIDWORKS users can view closed sketch contours and sub-contours as shaded entities.

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