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SOLIDWORKS 2017 Top 11 Features: Combine Rendering and Simulation Results

By Tricia Klebe on February 27, 2017

Designers and engineers already love SOLIDWORKS Simulation for its ability to set up real-world environments. But what if they could take these comprehensive simulation results and blending them with photo renderings? Now, they can.

With new advancements in SOLIDWORKS 2017, users can get the best of both worlds and combine rendering and simulation results. Here’s how: How do you combine rendering and simulation results?

DL_SW 2017 Infographic.pngBefore we learn how to combine rendering and simulation results, it’s important to look at what they both have to offer individually. For example, renderings let users visualize their product before ever making a physical prototype. With tools like PhotoView 360, that produce photo-realistic rendering of SOLIDWORKS models, you can see life-like appearance, lighting, scene and decals. While excellent for viewing perspectives, traditional rendering did not allow users to perform a stress analysis or analyze portions of the model like SOLIDWORKS Simulation does. Vice versa, simulation results could define stress plots and derive solutions based on results, but they did not offer a “pretty” view of the models. It wasn’t until recent that users had the capability to combine rendering and simulation to reap both aesthetic and practical benefits.

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command.jpgAlthough time consuming, with the help from SOLIDWORKS 2017 updates, it’s now possible to combine simulation results with renderings. Depending on how the graphics are rendered and what graphic options are set, users can create combined displays. According to TriMech Application Engineer Stephen Petrock, “It's a big deal for people to be able to show their simulation results that way - the colorful plots on top of their rendered models.”

rednered image.jpg full rendered image.jpg

How will combining rendering and simulation results improve your workflow?

Combining tools like photo rendering and simulation results will improve users’ design workflows by allowing them to make plots looks good and be more understandable. As a result, this can save time analyzing stress and deflections on a model and make reporting simulation results easier than ever before.

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