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New Blog Series: Top 11 Features in SOLIDWORKS 2020

By Stephen Petrock on January 3, 2020

TriMech Top 11 Features in SOLIDWORKS 2020

It’s a new year and new SOLIDWORKS. Highlighting the best features in the latest release of SOLIDWORKS is very exciting for us and we are looking forward to sharing with you all the new enhancements in SOLIDWORKS 2020.  >> Download our Complete Guide to Getting Users Ready for SOLIDWORKS 2020

Since the first release of SOLIDWORKS in 1995, we have seen innovative enhancements and new features in every upgrade of the software. We couldn’t decide on just the top ten enhancements, so we came up with our top 11 in SOLIDWORKS 2020.

  1. Detailing Mode for Drawings: This is a new way to quickly open large drawings without loading all the “heavy” model information. Think of it as a quick view mode where you just open, view and even edit annotations on your drawings. 
  2. G3 Continuity: The newly added torsion continuity relation in sketching enables you to achieve G3 continuity between curves for equal curvature and an equal rate of curvature to the sketch entities.
  3. Better Structure System: Structure system is a new way to create weldments introduced last year with SOLIDWORKS 2019. SOLIDWORKS 2020 has some added functionality making it a can’t miss tool.
  4. Mixed Mesh Quality in Simulation: When running simulations, you can now mesh using both draft and high-quality elements. This enables you to focus on critical areas of your design.
  5. More Redo: There have been significant user experience improvements but the most useful is the ability to redo “more” times even after you have exited a sketch.
  6. Improved 3D Printing: Enhancements include a searchable database of 3D printers with envelope information, generating 2D slice data from high-quality solid geometry, rather than a tessellated file and the ability to save this information to the 3MF form.
  7. Direct Editing of Mesh Bodies: Mesh enhancements improve the ability to directly edit BREP mesh formats like .STL by introducing new tools like Fillet, Chamfer, Mutual Trim, Knit Surfaces, Delete Hole, Delete & Fill and more.
  8. Flexible Rigid Components: Make any part dynamic with the new Make Part Flexible tool. Remap external references of parts with ease without creating additional configurations or part files.
  9. Envelope Publisher: This feature makes top-down design simple. Envelopes are no longer limited to components within the same assembly.
  10. Fillet Repair: This feature can automatically repair these missing references for you, saving you time in re-selecting the references or re-creating the feature.
  11. Surface Offset: The offset surface command is enhanced to now give users the option to visualize and even remove any surfaces that cannot be offset.

Our list of top 11 features was created based on how useful and impactful they could be for our SOLIDWORKS client base. In other words, they’re not guaranteed to be the most exciting enhancements, but they will be the most useful. Stay tuned every week where we will share with you one of the top 11 enhancements. You’re not going to want to miss them. 

Download our infographic highlighting TriMech’s Top 11 Favorite Features in SOLIDWORKS 2020 to learn more about them.

Top 11 Features in SOLIDWORKS 2020 Infographic