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New Product Launches and Updates in 2020: The Complete List

By TriMech on December 31, 2020

Earlier this year, we shared with you some of the product launches and updates in 2020. This year has clearly not been one of the best. However, despite all the hardships brought on by a global pandemic, our solution partners still pushed through where they could and delivered new improvements and innovations. Here is the complete list of those additional products and updates that came out later this year.

Listed in no particular order:

Solidworks 2021 releaseSOLIDWORKS 2021: The feature set keeps getting bigger every year! Some new features with this release include expanded functionality with more commands available in Detailing mode for drawings, more robust mesh generation and improved connection to the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform. Use the links below to explore how the new update can provide you with new ways to improve your design process!

>> Download our Complete Guide for Getting SOLIDWORKS Users Ready for 2021
>> See our full list of on-demand videos and presentations from the launch

Whats New in 3DEXPERIENCE3DEXPEREINCE Platform: Unlike traditional annual updates, the cloud-based 3DEXPERIENCE platform has enhancements rolled out several times throughout the year that add new features to improve the user experience and overall functionality. In 2020 there were a total of three notable updates, which included everything from new 3D applications to better integration with existing desktop software to the release of 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS roles.

Artec_Spider-Face_ScanHD Mode for Artec 3D Scanners: A new software upgrade dubbed "HD Mode" powered by a new internal AI more than doubles the resolution of its existing Eva and Leo handheld scanners to 0.2 mm. The new HD mode has an elite level of noise reduction in both raw data and final model. This makes scanned objects ready for reverse engineering, as well as, many other applications without the need for editing.

FI_Objet30_V5Objet30 Product Update: Stratasys rolled out multiple updates to their popular Objet30 3D printer series which is known for providing the power of PolyJet technology in a desktop-sized system. These updates to existing units include exciting new materials options and a significantly faster workflow. You can also get all these improvements and a fresh look in a new machine with their latest generation: the Objet30 V5.

keyshot samplesGrabCAD Print Integration with KeyShot: Stratasys announced their partnership with KeyShot rendering software. The integration between GrabCAD Print and KeyShot 10 (and later) will allow users to use the same 3D model for rendering and printing through the seamless export of 3MF files; saving time and money. This type of workflow has been requested by avid users of Additive Manufacturing for a while and Stratasys has delivered this year!

Demi-4000Demi 4000 Resin-Removal System: PostProcess Technologies has once again revolutionized additive manufacturing resin removal with the new DEMI 4000™. The industry’s only full-stack solution for high-volume stereolithography (SL/SLA) parts, which uses their patented SVC technology and game-changing chemistry. 

Top11_3dx_fd01_10_message2020 Trend Reports - Several of our solution partners have published detailed reports about the current trends regarding technologies across our industry. This information is incredibly useful as you make plans for 2021 and beyond.

We hope you're as excited as we are for all that came in 2020 and as we look forward (more than ever) to the new year!

If you want to review all the other product updates and launches from earlier in 2020, read part one of this series.

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