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Exporting Your SOLIDWORKS CAD Data Directly to SOLIDWORKS Visualize

May 15, 2017

SOLIDWORKS Visualize is an exciting new way to show off your designs with photo-realistic renders. However, sometimes it can be daunting to get started with all of the import options that Visualize offers.  Wouldn’t it be nice if there were an easier way to get that CAD data from SOLIDWORKS into Visualize? 

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Biggest SOLIDWORKS Promotion to Date

May 15, 2017

Is your company looking to take their designs to the next level? Do you want all the SOLIDWORKS capabilities rolled into one tool? There is no better time to upgrade then during the biggest SOLIDWORKS promotion to date.

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Q&A Tommy DuPuy: Featuring 3D Printing Applications

May 11, 2017

Our Q&A blog series looks at different members of our team and their perspective on the most current 3D printing and SOLIDWORKS CAD technology. This month’s Q&A features Tommy DuPuy and 3D Printing Applications.

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Why Clear Vision Cooling Chose DriveWorks as Their Design Automation Solution

May 11, 2017

Clear Vision Cooling is the newest entity within the Bouwman Group, based in Harderwijk, the Netherlands. For over 35 years the Bouwman Group has been a successful business, supplying refrigeration and freezer cabinets for supermarkets and other retail spots.

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Switch Local Settings for Disabling Automatic Login

May 10, 2017

Are you trying to login as the “admin” or another user but are not getting prompted for the login window? Switching the local settings in the administration tool on the client can help fix this automatic login. Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to switch local settings to disable automatic login.

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How to Use Acetone in Post-Processing: Vapor Smoothing FDM Parts

May 9, 2017

If you have an FDM 3D printer, you might have heard about vapor smoothing parts. For those who have not seen it yet, you're in luck! Because in this blog we discuss how to use acetone in post-processing and use vapor smoothing on FDM parts.

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SOLIDWORKS 2017 Top 11 Features: Transparent Section Views

May 8, 2017

Over the years, the SOLIDWORKS display has become more advanced with new view types and section view selections for users to choose from. In fact, Creating Transparent Section Views is one of the enhanced features in SOLIDWORKS 2017 that our engineers say is a game changer.

SOLIDWORKS, Visualize Features and Tips

How To Render Liquid Inside of a Transparent Object in Visualize

May 5, 2017

SOLIDWORKS Visualize can show off your designs with photo-realistic renders, even when it comes to rendering transparent liquids. To demonstrate the beauty of such a realistic rendering of liquids, see how we created the perfect margarita glass step-by-step to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

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Designing a Grate Cover for the Death Star Exhaust Port

May 4, 2017

I'm a huge Star Wars fan, and have been for a very long time. And it doesn't get much better than the final climactic moment from “A New Hope.”

SOLIDWORKS, Top 11 Features in SOLIDWORKS 2017

SOLIDWORKS 2017 Top 11 Features: Hide All Types

May 3, 2017

Does your display screen get cluttered with annotations, reference geometry and sketches on SOLIDWORKS? Well, SOLIDWORKS 2017 introduced an enhanced feature that allows you to hide/show everything more easily. In our blog, we explain why adding the Hide All Types feature to the user interface will drastically improve clients' design processes.

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How to Maintain a Stratasys FDM 3D Printer

May 2, 2017

In a previous blog, I explained how to maintain a Stratasys Objet 3D printer and the importance of keeping your machines running smoothly. Regardless of which printer you have, there are certain levels of upkeep required. In this blog, we outline how to maintain a Stratasys FDM 3D printer.

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How SOLIDWORKS 2017 3D Interconnect Interacts with PDM

May 1, 2017

As you probably already know, one of the new features in SOLIDWORKS 2017 is 3D Interconnect. Details on 3D Interconnect may be found in our previous blog, but in short, the new feature allows use of non-SOLIDWORKS CAD files. As a member of the Professional Services team, I was curious to see how this new feature interacts with SOLIDWORKS PDM.