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Out of The Box Hiring Tactics

By Jeremy Hirsch on May 15, 2019

If you’re an owner, human resources (HR) manager or engineering manager, you may have looked at a resume or two...thousand in your time. I’ve had clients tell me stories of agencies pushing resumes on them where the candidate lacked the needed skill-set or even had no correlation to the open position. On the other end of the spectrum, I've had candidate tell me how agencies have wanted to shoehorn them into jobs or positions that were no interest to them or even too far from where they wanted to live. 

So, if you are a company looking to hire and you know what you want, how do you go about getting the perfect person? Sometimes, you must get a little creative.

Tests Aren't Just For Students

The search was on for a Design Engineer. Our client looking to fill the position had a list of requirements for hopeful applicants, including five or more years or design experience with SOLIDWORKS. While there were a few other wants of the candidate, the SOLIDWORKS experience was the most important to the company.

After shuffling through off-target resumes from agencies, the company turned to the TriMech Staffing stack and found an application they felt was a close match to what they needed. However, there was one caveat. The candidate with the closest requirement match only had a little over two years experience. They didn't want to completely dismiss TriMech will test candidates to make sure they can accomplish what you needthe hopeful since the experience was working for a competitor and felt that maybe he or she possessed the skills needed to succeed in the role. 

Luckily, our client remembered how they used TriMech for SOLIDWORKS training. They gave us a part and asked if we could test the applicant. Through our testing, they discovered the candidate was able to do exactly what they wanted and was hired. Thanks to thinking outside the box, the company was able to find their perfect match. 

Worth a Second Glance

We had a client looking to hire a Senior Mechanical Engineer. This company made a product that is fairly niche, so experience with it tends to be very limited. They needed an experienced engineer but had exhausted their search options.

TriMech sent them over three or four feasible candidates. Both the HR department and the engineering manager reviewed the applicants, and one was immediately selected for an interview by the engineering manager. The selected candidate had been an engineer for close to twenty years, however, the HR manager noticed a different candidate and they thought may be a better fit. He only had about half the experience, however, he possessed something the other candidate didn't: experience with the company's product. 

Reviewing job requirements can ensure you're getting the right candidateThe HR manager called me about the latter candidate and asked my opinion of him. Mid-conversation, I felt that it would be very beneficial to loop in the engineering manager. She agreed and asked for a TriMech engineer to jump on as well. 

Her idea worked out tremendously. Upon going back over the job with the engineering manager, the TriMech engineer was able to understand and highlight the skills of the second candidate better on a technical level. The second candidate was then also granted an interview and in the end, was the right fit and got the job.

What these stories hopefully serve is as reminders that sometimes we need to look beyond the black and white of resumes. Luckily, we have some creative clients that work with us and help us collaborate on outside the box solutions. Next time you’re having difficulties filling a position, step back, maybe give us a call and be the hero of your own story.

Interested in working with TriMech Staffing, but unsure of the process? Download our infographic to see each step of the process.