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Omnify Empower Streamlines Multiple Processes for Cytonome

By TriMech on August 7, 2018

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This week's Product Story showcases Cytonome and their use of Omnify PLM Solutions.

Cytonome develops, manufactures and markets the most advanced, highest quality cell purification systems available worldwide for Bio-Medicine, Bio-Industry and Bio-Science.

The Challenge of Manual Data Entry Between Multiple Systems

Cytonome managed product development with multiple different tools that were not able to integrate with each other. Some of these tools included SOLIDWORKS, Workgroup PDM (which is now retired), CAMA Software QCBD (Quality Collaboration by Design) and Expandable ERP. Product information was converted to Excel spreadsheets.

Cytonome was having a difficult time with this environment because information had to be manually entered into each system. This took up valuable employee time, introduced costly human data entry errors and resulted in systems containing incorrect or out-of-date information.

They needed to have formal processes in place to demonstrate proper management, tracking, reporting of product development, manufacturing procedures and information. 

Central Location for Product Information with Omnify

Cytonome searched for a solution that yielded a central location to manage product information and quality processes and could communicate directly with SOLIDWORKS and Expandable ERP. Past experience with Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) technology and Omnify Software prompted them to look at Omnify Empower PLM solution.

Cytonome uses the Training Management module to direct and monitor documentation for employee training, calibration processes and records. In addition, product development reports and non-disclosure agreements are also maintained and controlled in Omnify Empower. 

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