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Promotions for FDM Owners & Users

July 1, 2021

It's time to upgrade your prototyping capabilities and speed up your production process with these great deals from Stratasys! For a limited time, you can trade-in your current printer and receive a discount towards a new FDM machine.

3D Printing, Stratasys, Promotions

GrabCAD Shop Free Trial

January 1, 2021

GrabCAD Shop is robust work order management software for simplifies the 3D Printing Shop workflow for engineers, designers and shop operators. Reduce time wasted trying to keep track of 3D print requests. Stop spending money building custom solutions based on email, spreadsheets, SharePoint and thumb drives. No more keeping track of shop orders on whiteboards and spreadsheets. 

For a limited time you can try this software in your shop for free!