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Our TriMech Culture: Volunteering During the Holidays

By Angie Droz on December 21, 2016

Even though I haven't blogged in what seems like forever, personally or professionally, I wanted to take this opportunity to share a story about Team TriMech. Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to volunteer with my coworkers for an amazing cause. This blog isn’t about a product or engineering service that TriMech provides and it doesn't even have a Tech Tip weaved into the story. It is about our TriMech culture and why I love working here!
TriMech Culture

My front porch has a view of the Great Smoky Mountains, and I love this area with a deep passion. That is true for many of us who work in TriMech's East Tennessee location. Hence, when wildfires devastated the area on November 28th and burned thousands of acres in what most of us consider our backyard, our hearts broke. The Gatlinburg wildfires destroyed land, homes and businesses, displacing more than 14,000 people. After witnessing what was deemed the worst fire in Tennessee in the last 100 years and over $500 million in damages, everyone at TriMech felt compelled to help. 

gatlinburg wildfire.png Gatlinburg Wildfire
*photo credit: Local8Now, WBIR,

Not every company gives employees the ability to take time off at the end-of-year to volunteer and go beyond building the business in a traditional sense. I am so lucky to work for one of those companies that does. It has become part of our TriMech culture to volunteer during the holidays and give back to our communities. This year there was no doubt that the TriMech Knoxville office wanted to concentrate our efforts on helping wildfire victims and the community of Gatlinburg. 

Nobody knew what the volunteer work entailed or how labor-intensive the tasks might be, nor did they flinch when we found out we might be volunteering to clean-up areas outside in 30° F weather. Instead, people just signed up to help in anyway they could. 

TriMech Culture TriMech Culture

After our team spent the day in Gatlinburg organizing clothing donations and distributing items to families in need, I truly felt blessed working with such compassionate and altruistic people. What's even more amazing is that this sentiment rings true throughout the entire company, not just this TriMech office.

We are fortunate to have clients across our the Eastern United States who create things that change the world and motivate us to contribute in great ways. It was nice to step back from the end-of-year chaos and see how lucky we are to work in this industry and for a company like TriMech. I couldn't help but share with everyone what a great culture TriMech promotes internally, and I hope you too want to volunteer in your communities this holiday season.

More About Gatlinburg Fire Volunteer Efforts:

If you want to read more on the wildfires, what you can do to help or simply book a trip to the area to help boost up the economy, visit one of the following websites for more information or feel free to reach out to Angie Droz directly.

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for 2017