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New Stratasys FDM and PolyJet Materials

By TriMech on November 14, 2018

Stratasys's FDM printers use production-grade thermoplastics to create parts that are designed to be accurate, easily replicated, and stable over time; PolyJet printers provide levels of detail and realism in their finished products that exceed other 3D printing technologies. 

Stratasys has recently launched a variety of new materials that will bring FDM and PolyJet printing to the next level:

  • TPUTPU 92A: Thermoplastic Polyurethane Elastomer (TPU) is a type of elastomer material- a polymer with the property of elasticity. TPU can stretch or compress greatly and not lose its shape. This material is renowned for high elongation, superior toughness and extreme durability. It is now available for the Stratasys F123 series printer. 

  • Agilus 30 White:Agilus_AutoConsole_1018a a superior rubber-like PolyJet photopolymer family ideal for advanced design verification and rapid prototyping. Get more durable, tear-resistant prototypes that can stand up to repeated flexing and bending. It is now available for the Stratasys J750 and J735 printer.

  • VeroVivid: a rigid photopolymer material offering IMG_WATER_BOTTLE_VIVID_A1_150dpi_1018a flexibility ideal for rapid prototyping eyewear. Get prototypes with full-part realism in a wide range of new colors such as magenta, cyan and yellow. It is now available for the Stratasys J750 and J735 printer.

Additionally, Stratasys has now made another material available for the Stratasys F900 printer. 

  • Antero 800NA: a thermoplastic material, that combines FDM’s Antero_ValuePropdesign freedom and ease of use with the excellent strength, toughness and wear-resistant properties of PEKK material. Appropriate applications include aircraft components exposed to jet fuel, oil and hydraulic fluid, spacecraft parts that demand low outgassing and chemical-resistant industrial parts.