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EXPIRED - Upgrade Your Desktop to a Design Series 3D Printer

By Emmy Wolfe on January 23, 2019

Upgrade your printer with our promotion!

Have you been creating projects on your hobby or desktop 3D printer and are ready to take the next step? Is your printer no longer able to print the materials you want at the size you need? Then now is a great time to upgrade!

For a limited time, you can trade in any 3D printer originally priced over $3,000 and receive a $3,000 credit toward a Stratasys F123 series printer!  

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The F123 series are known for being reliable, affordable and professional rapid prototyping systems. The line consists of three different printers (F170, F270 and F370), which come at variable price points with various material capabilities to meet your exact needs. 

  • Powerful- allowing you to compete in the most competitive business environments.
  • Fast- can get your ideas from design concept to function prototypes quickly, helping you to get to the market faster than others.
  • Quiet- they are office-friendly, ensuring you can concentrate on your next design idea without being distracted by noise.

Plus, there are a plethora of material options available for the printer and Stratasys is constantly adding more!

But you don't want to wait too long to make your move, this great offer will only be around until March 31st. Get all the details from your TriMech Sales Representative today!

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