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Desktop Metal Introduces Studio System+ and Studio Fleet

By TriMech on September 20, 2018

One of TriMech's innovative solution partners, Desktop Metal, has announced upgrades to their Studio System 3D printing hardware, now the Studio System+, as well as announcing their new Studio Fleet, a custom-configurable in-house metal 3D printing solution.

“Engineers and designers who are looking to push the limits of metal 3D printing with small parts or parts with fine details can now achieve even higher-resolution, with a customizable system configuration for greater process efficiency and throughput right on the shop floor.” – Ric Fulop, CEO and Co-founder of Desktop Metal

Studio System+

An advanced metal 3D printing solution, building off the flagship system and combining all the innovative and office-friendly features of the original Studio System™ with even more functionality to print small metal parts with higher resolution. 


New features include:

  • Printing at higher resolution
  • Live stream of the build
  • New software improvements
  • Capability to bulk debind and sinter
  • Higher-quality parts
  • Reduced operating costs

 >>  Check out Desktop Metal’s full press release here. 

Studio Fleet

Built to scale, Studio Fleet leverages Studio System+ technology—including a software-controlled workflow and stackable shelving for batch processing. For the first time, on-demand metal 3D printing will deliver accessible and scalable manufacturing that adapts to diverse business needs, part requirements, production volumes and cost constraints. At launch, the Studio Fleet is available to be built in two configurations:

  • 3:1:1
    3 printers, 1 debinder and 1 furnace that will yield a 200 percent increase in throughput for only a 50 percent increase in system cost.
  • 5:2:1
    5 printers, 2 debinders and 1 furnace that will yield a 400 percent increase in throughput for only a 100 percent increase in system cost.


This is just beginning of the benefits Desktop Metal can offer. Want to discover what else it can do for you and your company? Learn more today!

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