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3-City 3D Printed Tooling Seminar in Carolinas

By Jim Heckman on February 2, 2017

Are you searching for a way to make more cost-effective manufacturing aids? Is your time to market impacted by long lead times? Then make plans now to join me at TriMech's upcoming Stratasys Solutions Roadshow on 3D printed tooling applications. Read below and learn why your company should attend.

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Host: Jim Heckman, Territory Manager - 3D Printing

What is the Stratasys Solutions Roadshow?

During each three-hour seminar, industry experts from Stratasys and TriMech will gather in Conover, NC, Charlotte, NC and Greenville, SC to share untapped opportunities in the additive manufacturing community.

This is a great networking opportunity, and we encourage anyone who wants to engage in conversation and to learn how 3D printing can impact their business to register. Each seminar is broken up into two main sessions, followed by solution demonstrations and a free lunch with Q&A.

Session 1: FDM Composite Tooling

The use of composites is growing rapidly across industries ranging from aerospace to consumer goods. In this session, Stratasys Head of Tooling Solutions, Tim Schniepp will help you discover how FDM composite tooling can help:

  • Reduce cost and long lead times
  • Enable an iterative design process
  • Respond to demand
  • Create tailored tooling solutions on a case by case basis
  • Work with high-temperature materials
  • And more!

3D printed tooling

Applications discussed include patterns, lay-up repair tools, consumable tools/cores and jigs and fixtures.

Session 2: Manufacturing Aids - Jigs & Fixtures

Jigs and FixturesManufacturing aids are necessary at every facility that produces components or products. Why not streamline production floor workflows with additive manufacturing? The strong use case for 3D printed jigs and fixtures impacts manufacturing departments from assembly, fabrication and R&D, to packaging, quality control and healthy & safety.

Join Stratasys Senior Business Development Manager to explore how additive manufacturing solutions can:

  • Increase your operational efficiency
  • Lower costs
  • Provide greater design freedom
  • Improve part performance

Solution Demonstrations

After detailed introductions on composite tooling and manufacturing aids, we will take a look at 3D printed tooling and open up the floor for discussion. This is a great opportunity to see which applications relate to your industry and see examples of Stratasys technology first-hand.

Lunch with Q&A

The day will conclude with lunch and question and answers. I encourage you to come ready with specific questions that pertain to your business. Feel free to email me any questions before the event, so I can review them with our application engineers.

To register for the Stratasys Solutions Roadshow, click the links below.

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