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5-City Metal 3D Printing Seminar & Live Stream

By TriMech on June 29, 2017

Wondering what all the buzz is about metal 3D printing? Then make plans now to attend TriMech's upcoming Metal 3D Printing Seminar featuring Desktop Metal. Read below and learn why your company should attend.

>> Click here to watch the recording of this live stream 

Metal 3D Printed PartWhat is the Metal 3D Printing Seminar?

During each three-hour seminar, industry experts from TriMech and Desktop Metal will gather in Marlborough, MA, Columbia, MD, Charlotte, NC, Knoxville, TN and Orlando, FL to introduce office-friendly metal 3D printing for the full product life cycle.

This is a great networking opportunity, and we encourage anyone who wants to engage in conversation or learn how metal 3D printing can impact their business to register. Each seminar will include a free lunch, a presentation and Q&A.

Presentation and Q&A:

Desktop Metal's Ben Arnold will help you discover how metal 3D printing can play a role in your business. He will touch on topics including:

  • Desktop Metal history
  • Safety concerns of metal printing
  • Additive manufacturing vs. 3D printing - What's the difference?
  • Key applications that are driving the growth of the industry
  • How additive manufacturing will change manufacturing
  • Easy steps to get started in metal 3D printing
  • How DMI technology is different from other techniques
  • Key technology used in the Desktop Metal process

Don't miss this opportunity to learn about the Studio Systemâ„¢ and see 3D printed parts made with some of the 30+ available metal materials. Feel the durability with your own two hands.

Metal 3D Printed Part

Note: Unfortunately, this event has passed. But, you're in luck! We recorded the live stream, so you can see what we talked about and hear the frequently asked questions about this technology. Click here, or watch the video below.


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