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Q&A Tommy DuPuy: Featuring 3D Printing Applications

By Tommy DuPuy on May 11, 2017

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Our Q&A blog series looks at different members of our team and their perspective on the most current 3D printing and SOLIDWORKS CAD technology. This month’s Q&A features Tommy DuPuy and 3D Printing Applications.

Meet Tommy DuPuy, 3D Printing Application Engineer

1. Describe yourself in five words or less.

Dedicated, technical affinity, honest, resourceful, and team player.

2. What are you most passionate about?

Family is my top priority with technology being a close second. I grew up in a very technical household. So learning and understanding technology has been a way of life for me.

Tommy's Role at TriMech

3. What's your role at TriMech and your background in engineering?

Well, I started my engineering career right out of college, and a little over eight years ago, I ventured into SOLIDWORKS and 3D printing. Over that time, I have learned to support, educate and design for a 3D world, obtaining four patents. I also joined the TriMech Team in 2015 where I found my role helping clients find unique solutions through 3D printing. This includes everything from training DFAM, software, materials and 3D printing technologies.

4. What is your favorite accomplishment with 3D printing?

QA Tommy DuPuy Img2.pngWith my personal PolyJet Desktop printer, I was able to produce a number of iterations for one of the designs that was patented. In turn, this saved thousands of dollars and a ton of time (always a big perk in the 3D printing industry). It was very rewarding being able to leverage the printer beyond its capabilities.

Going In-Depth With Stratasys 3D Printing Applications

5. What is your favorite 3D printing application and why?

My favorite 3D printing application is creating visual and functional prototypes that look and perform like a finished product. A day making engines, anatomical models and complex parts is a day well spent. 

6. Stratasys 3D printers support a range of applications. What competitive advantage does this provide clients with?

Stratasys works closely with its customers to provide unique solutions such as new materials and certifications for specific applications and new tools such as software and delivery systems for additive manufacturing.

When using additive manufacturing, you're able to save time and money in all aspects of the design cycle. From getting the prototype in a day and spending very little vs conventional methods which could take weeks or months and thousands of dollars. Not to mention, if something was wrong with that part, you could effectively double that time to production.

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7. How do 3D printing applications impact your work, the industry or other 3D printing/CAD technologies? Where do you anticipate it going from here?

QA Tommy DuPuy Img1.png3D printing is always advancing, especially when it comes to material sciences. This will open up even more applications which will reduce the time to market, the cost of error and saving lives. I think biology will start playing an increasingly larger role in 3D printing. In the future, I can definitely foresee being able to practice on exact models of patients and help burn victims and prosthetics.

Soon, we will be like Star Trek!

For more insight on 3D printing applications, read or blog or watch some of Tommy's past webinars below.

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