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Manufacturing Floor Uses 3D Printed Metal Jigs and Tools to Operate at Full Efficiency

By TriMech on October 14, 2019

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This week's Product Story showcases Alpha Precision Group and their use of the Desktop Metal Studio System+.

Alpha Precision Group (APG) uses Desktop Metal's Studio System+ to produce a wide variety of parts including jigs, fixtures and end of arm tooling to help their manufacturing floor operate at full efficiency. 

The Challenge

Located right next to the Allegheny National Forest and the Appalachian Mountains of Pennsylvania, Alpha Position Group uses the Desktop Metal Studio System+ to cut costs and time on their production. The core manufacturing of this area is the power metal industry that was bred out of the carbon industry. APG is a global provider of metal in the automotive industry, small engine, lawn and garden, firearms, defense, medical, aerospace and consumer markets. They have the scale and capability to surface the entire world with their technologies. 90% of their additive use is for internal capabilities like helping get customers to the market faster and helping keep inventory items on the shelf that were items throughout the facility. Their goal is to print in a day and deploy a product in less than a week.


The Outcome of Using the Desktop Metal Studio System+

One of the problems APG ran into while printing was the lack of labor that was given to the CNC department. The old traditional machines had less geometry capabilities and took a very long time to print. They decided to come up with a way of using a machine to tighten and loosen the Allen bolts as well as pick the parts in and out of fixtures. It was all 3D printed in the Studio System+. This shows the complex geometry, the corning for lightweight, the radii, the ability to test the hardness and cycle times and how it compares to a machine version of the assembly. The Studio System+ also has allowed them to inventory the end of the tooling on the shelf, so the lines are not down at any time.

studio-lockupThe Studio System+ from Desktop Metal has allowed APG’s internal engineers to think differently with how they're designing products and designing process flows. It helps secure APG’s future because this is a manufacturing technology that's extremely flexible since it can be applied across a wide range of technologies and customers. The applications are endless and being developed daily.

Alpha Position Group is extremely excited about this new technology because it is a promising new opportunity. Since many people may not be attracted to the more traditional manufacturing methods, APG wants to propel in the future, leverage a lot of the expertise and bring in new exciting ideas into the fast growing area.

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