Making Environmental Compliance Part of Your Product Development

By TriMech on November 27, 2018

Environmental compliance regulations are becoming more and more demanding. Even consumers are starting to hold their own standards for what they believe is acceptable sustainability. The constant change creates a significant struggle for manufacturing. Ignoring the issue is out of the question when dealing with the consequences of noncompliance and public relations nightmares. How do you keep up with changing regulations and informed consumers while keeping costs low? 


Building in environmental compliance at the beginning of production will provide the most impact on decreasing time and money spent. To do this, you will need a PLM (Product Life-Cycle Management) system that allows you to diminish non-sustainable components and add new and innovative "green" alternatives. While engineers are primarily focused on product form, fit and function... a PLM will single out the components that keep you optimized. These are some of the components that PLM aides in optimizing:

  • Materials Compliance
  • Sustainability/ Life cycle assessment
  • Toxicity
  • Energy Consumption
  • Cost
  • Certification Compliance (e.g. UL and CE)
  • Risk exposure to parts with availability/obsolescence/counterfeit threats

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With constant changes to regulations, it is crucial to stay in the know. For example, the ROHS 2 (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) amendment in 2015 (Directive (EU) 2015/863) added 4 substances to the existing list of 6 restricted substances under RoHS 2. The directive will take effect beginning July 22, 2019 for all Electrical and Electronic equipment with the exception of Medical Devices and Monitoring & Control equipment which will have until July 2021 to comply.

PLM is designed to take on these challenges by providing the ability to manage, track and report on complex BOMs and frequent product changes. This visibility streamlines the production process while keeping you compliant. With the regulations frequently changing it is important to stay up to date. Download our Omnify: Making Environmental Compliance Part of Your Product Development.

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