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Lumenium Develops Faster Design Iteration and Functional Prototyping

By TriMech on September 6, 2018

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This week's Product Story showcases  Lumenium LLC. and their use of Desktop Metal Solutions.

Lumenium LLC. develops an innovative family of internal combustion engines. The Inverse Displacement Asymmetrical Rotational (IDAR) engine is a novel and totally singular design for producing powerful, efficient, internal combustion.

The Challenge 

For Lumenium LLC., the ability to iterate multiple designs and design changes quickly is critical to remaining competitive in their market. Previously they were using an in-house CNC machine and wire electrical discharge machining (EDM) to make prototype parts, which has been relatively time consuming and costly. Lumenium was seeking a faster, more cost-effective approach to prototyping parts within their engine assembly and found a way to do that using the Desktop Metal Studio System. 

Outcome Using the Desktop Metal Studio System 

Prior to introducing the Desktop Metal Studio System into their workflow, the Product Development Cycle for Lumenium, was three and a half years. They have since been able to cut that time down to two years and nine months.

In addition to reducing that timeline, Lumenium has also cut weight reduction by 39% and saved costs by 74%. Post-processing was also impacted by the switch from CNC Machining and EDM to the Desktop Metal Studio System. Taking into account the time related to programming, cost of labor and design limitations, the Studio System reduced Lumenium’s  time almost in half. 

Want to read the full case study? Download it here! 

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