Introducing CAMWorks ShopFloor

By TriMech on August 22, 2019

CAMWorks is known for their CNC software for machine tools and was the first to be awarded SOLIDWORKS Certified Gold Product for manufacturing and CAM software. CAMWorks recently released ShopFloor which is the latest Industry 4.0/Smart Manufacturing tool made for the CNC machinist. This new addition aides in increasing production with fewer errors by virtually simulating the CNC program. Let's dive into ShopFloor and these exciting new features. 

CAMWorks ShopFloor was designed to provide state-of-the-art digital tools that help machinists leverage their data. These tools promote digital manufacturing with 3D models demonstrated with MBD & PMI data. By improving communication between shop floor machinists and CNC programmers, companies are able to progress beyond traditional methods to improve quality and productivity. This also allows them to meet Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 initiatives. 


The publish ShopFloor icon has been placed on the CAMWorks command manager tool. You are also able to select the post processor machine needed to make the part when saving the file. This allows for a quick and seamless way to save files. 



ShopFloor Associativity enables you to access the ShopFloor document in SOLIDWORKS to edit the part. Experience true associative machining through automatic accommodating edits to your part model. 



When you're designing in SOLIDWORKS you can add dimensions and tolerances to your models. You can also program toolpaths in CAMWorks. SOLIDWORKS models can also be viewed with tolerances in a ShopFloor document. 

Learn more about CAMWorks ShopFloor by visiting the ShopFloor product page.

CAMWorks ShopFloor