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Innovative Use of SOLIDWORKS for Better Casting Designs

By Chris Duchaine on February 16, 2018

Did you know there is a major untapped resource within SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation? And it may be the answer to all your metal casting problems! Say goodbye to fits, restarts, re-tooling and launch delays with Thermal Flow.

Many casting issues can be solved by being armed with the knowledge of casting alloys "likes" and "dislikes" for the mold cavity geometry they flow into. The root of unnecessary trouble can often be pinpointed to casually chosen geometry. 

Dislikable Geometry 

All alloys have an attitude about their geometry. This is the basis for many of your casting issues. Usually this is due to the fact that functional and structural geometry is designed first, which results in an unhappy alloy. Unfortunately uncovering which geometry an alloy prefers isn't black and white because they have a wide variance of choice. 

Likable Geometry 

To have a functional casting, the alloy must like the geometry it flows into. When an alloy likes the shape it is flowing into and solidifies, it's referred to as castability geometry. This is the state we need for functional and structural moldings. 

When Thermal Flow is combined with NoRedesign's Casting Design & Manufacturing Engineering Knowledge System, you are able to more easily design likable geometry.

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