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By Tony Bucchino on August 15, 2017

SOLIDWORKS PCB integrates ECAD and MCAD with a collaboration extension to promote communication between your software for optimal design performance.

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When all of your software products are integrated with one another, you can depend on accuracy and serious time savings. The effective communication between ECAD and MCAD can mean the difference between an efficient end-product or the need for a complete re-design due to a miscommunication between the electrical and mechanical teams.

Collaboration Extension Add-In

SW Software Image PCB.pngPCB contains the ECAD portion of the product including the full schematic and PCB design software. Also included is the Collaboration Extension Add-in to create the perfect union of design software.

SOLIDWORKS Collaboration Extension adds the collaboration panel into the SOLIDWORKS PCB software to control all collaboration between ECAD and MCAD products.

For a SOLIDWORKS PCB installation, three main components are required:

  • ECAD-MCAD Project Collaboration Server

Once all three of these components are installed, we can make your mechanical and electrical software work in concert for the most efficient design production possible.

To see a step-by-step instruction on how to install, download our SOLIDWORKS PCB Standalone Installation Guide.

Download Guide