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Desktop or Industrial Grade 3D Printing: Durability

By Stratasys on September 6, 2019

The Stratasys F123 Series prints accurate, durable and repeatable parts with engineering grade and fast draft PLA material options. It’s a smart business move as it’s designed for the way you work. The Stratasys F123 Series boasts many advancements that make it a worthy replacement for those now dated machines that break down quickly.


Sturdy Frame

Everything about the Stratasys F123 Series is designed for long term performance. The outside has the appearance of a sturdy machine, but it’s what’s on the inside that really sets it apart. The steel frame is much heavier and much thicker than you would see in a normal desktop printer. This offers you rigidity and stiffness that is on par with an industrial system.

Prevents Sagging, Twisting and Stretching

SSYS_F123 Printer open

The X-rail is built with a steel I-beam that prevents the extrusion heads from sagging or twisting compared to desktop printers. Some desktop 3D printers use round rods, but the F123 Series has linear profile rails with ball bearings. This makes the build tray very rigid and accurate and also allows for higher load and speed capacity so that the system stays in calibration. There's no deflection when you build full volume parts.

The Kevlar belts that the F123 Series use are 2-3x thicker than the belts in these desktop systems. Not only that, the Kevlar is a reinforcement material that's stronger than a lot of the reinforcement materials used in the other systems belts. What that means is that when we move the motion system around, there is no stretch or elasticity with that head, so when we say, “Print in this location”, it prints in that location. Therefore, we get excellent part results and excellent part quality.

Insulation for Material Consistency 

Cheaper systems use simple foam insulation that breaks down over time. Stratasys produces the F123 with high quality, high-temperature insulation for consistent oven heating reliability over the long term. Simply put, top-quality construction, along with over 250,000 hours of testing that ensures that this printer provides the longevity you need, and the results you expect.

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