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Cars, Jars and Data Centers: How Any Industry Can Benefit from Engineering Services

By Caitlin Callaghan on January 19, 2022

Engineering services come in multiple formats that can benefit almost any industry. While the word "engineer" typically brings to mind pictures of complex coding and mechanical designs, the scope of what an engineer can do is much broader. From the use of scanning and printing devices to project management services, companies can benefit in a variety of ways from engineering services.

3D Scanning Technology

EvaEngineering services introduce additional tools to projects that most companies don’t have readily available, one of these being 3D scanners. A tool that TriMech has used on many projects is the Artec Eva 3D scanner. This portable scanner brings speed and precision capturing precise measurements for objects of all shapes and sizes.

Example: Dream Car Concepts Become Reality

TriMech brought their services to Rob Ida Concepts to build a car that previously was only a dream. Preston Tucker had an idea for a car, the Tucker Carioca, but passed before bringing this idea to life. TriMech teamed up with SOLIDWORKS and Rob Ida Concepts to finish what Tucker started. Given drawings and the physical parts available, TriMech was able to combine their use of 3D scanners with the SOLIDWORKS technology to design this vehicle. Using scanning tools like the Artec Eva and Artec Space Spider, they were able to create a 3D image of the engine chosen to be placed in the vehicle and found a way to fit it in the body.

             SSYS_2019_Tucker_Carioca_Car_Image  SSYS_2019_Tucker_Carioca_Car

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solidworks-flow-simulation-softwareWhile working to improve a product or create an entirely new product, there are tools available that can streamline the process or quickly identify issues that could go unchecked simply because the tools are unknown. For example, when creating a new design for a product it must go through several tests to determine the strengths and weaknesses it may have. Rather than continuing to build the product over and over again for a series of tests to determine when it will break, programs like SOLIDWORKS can run these tests through computer simulations. Taking advantage of this system can cut down on time and costs, and while doing so, get to a result that maximizes utility while minimizing spending. Engineering services has tools in their wheelhouse and understand what tool would best fit the needs of the project.

Example: Can the Jars Stack Up?

Recently, TriMech worked with a company that produced peanut butter jars that were warping while in shipment due to the weight of the stacks. Through many rounds of computer simulations, the issue was solved without the product waste associated with physical testing. This allowed the company to determine the stacking capabilities required for shipment as well as whether a new jar design needed to be implemented.

              Jar Simulation    Jar Simulation 2

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Project Engineering Management

ATI_Engineer_holding_Tool_ChangerThough the computer system may allow you to reach the goal you are looking for, determining all the required steps in the process can be tedious and could benefit from the expertise of someone whose primary role is technical planning and budgeting. Project engineers are helpful in situations where detailed planning and budgeting are required, where there may be communication within different areas of the company, and when there is coordination needed with outside vendors.

Whether you choose to contract out a project engineer or keep one on staff, the benefits they can provide are easily quantifiable. In addition to the skills that these team members will bring to the table, they are also doing work for the company that would otherwise be sidelined while there is a lack of manpower available to complete these tasks. The additional load that a project engineer takes on not only allows a company to perform these new functions, it also allows current employees to keep their full attention on their own responsibilities.

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Example: Concept to Final Product for Data Centers

The Project Engineering Group at TriMech is a designated team that works directly with clients to solve a problem they are working on with their technical knowledge and engineering expertise. These skills were utilized by Tactical Deployment Systems, a custom manufacturer of fiber optic systems used in a variety of applications, including data centers. Data centers typically use cassettes in their patching systems and it is important to maximize chassis density, but this presents an issue when running cables through the various racks and systems. 

Tactical Deployment Systems was able to reach a conceptual stage for their new cassettes while looking for a solution to this problem, but without the engineering background, the product would not move past this stage. This is where PEG came in, working with Tactical Development Systems, TriMech was able to bring the idea to a final product. The teams worked together through the design refinement, prototyping, and design optimization for manufacturing coming to a final product while saving time and money in the process.

          Data Centers 2       Data Centers 1

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Thinking Outside the Box

While engineering services may seem like an unlikely solution to problems your company may be facing, the versatility project engineering provides brings limitless possibilities. For a company to grow it must accept change, and that change can come in many ways, one being a new way of design and thinking through project engineering services.

Our team has helped clients with all the above situations and everything in between. Whether you need a little guidance or a full-service engineering team, PEG is here to help you accomplish your engineering goals. Contact us today to set up a consultation.

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