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How to avoid frustrating errors in SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation [Video]

By Heather Sutton on September 3, 2014

You’re working away in SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation when you run into this message: “Fluid volume recognition has failed because the model currently is not watertight.” Ugh. It can really put a cramp in your workflow.

Even the tiniest holes keep SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation from detecting your fluid region. Luckily, you don’t have to scrap your work and start over. Following an update to SOLIDWORKS 2013, it’s really quite easy to close up the holes (even the ones that are hard to see) with the Leak Tracking tool. Leak Tracking shows you exactly where the problem areas are so you can seal the container fast.

In this week’s Video Tech Tip, we’ll show to how to perform an internal analysis on the fluid area using the Wizard tool. Then, with a few clicks, you’ll learn how to make your model watertight.

Check it out!

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