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    How to Choose the Right SOLIDWORKS PDM Software Package

    June 29, 2022

    TriMech carries two solutions to fit your Data Management need. Our products include SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard, and SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional. While both manage your SOLIDWORKS design files, supporting documents and product development process, there are several things that may push you into one solution over the other.


    Designing for Today: 3D SheetMetal Creator

    February 7, 2022

    SOLIDWORKS Cloud offers a number of browser-based tools to help in the design process. One of those tools is 3D SheetMetal Creator. In this tool is an app called xSheetMetal. This app offers unique features to sheet metal part creation in the browser environment shared with xDesign. This will allow the creation of a bent sheet metal part and the corresponding flat pattern within the same easy-to-use interface. 


    Matching PDM Vault Users to the Right Client

    April 7, 2021

    SOLIDWORKS PDM client types determine the level of access each person can have to the Vault. Do you have your Vault users set up with the right client type? Choosing the right license and number of licenses for your company's needs can be a difficult and costly task. Each license has an official product name relative to the data management solution that your team has chosen. In this article, we will work backwards from generalities to the more formal ways to classify these clients.